Pilkington Building Products - UK,Upton,Merseyside

Pilkington Building Products - UK

Unit 1A, Wirral Business Park
Arrowe Brook Road
Merseyside     CH49 1QZ
Telephone Number: - 01744  692000
Fax Number: - 01744  613049

Website:- www.pilkington.com,

Pilkington Building Products - UK

welcomes direct sales enquiries at: - pilkington@respond.uk.com

Pilkington Building Products - UK manufactures a wide range of float, coated, rolled, laminated and toughened glass products as well as its own range of high performance insulating glass units. Glass is distributed to direct to customers, either as stock or as bespoke processed products to meet their needs either direct from St Helens or through our network of 23 branches countrywide. The company is highly focused on quality and service, continually improving to deliver the benefits of Pilkington's technical ability and innovation to the end user.

Glass/Glazing  - Activ™  
Glass/Glazing  -   
Glass/Glazing  - K Glass  
Glass/Glazing  - Laminated  
Glass/Glazing  - Low 'E'  
Glass/Glazing  - Solar Control  
Glass/Glazing  - Tinted  
Glass/Glazing  - Toughened  

Pilkington Building Products - UK

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