Letter to the editor: Homeowners do not want security as an option

Gareth Mobley, CEO Solidor & Residor

Dear Ian

Homeowner surveys tell us that security is extremely important. More specifically, 85% of homeowners put security first when buying a new door. That’s worth remembering because national crime figures from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) reveal that 74% of burglaries enter by the door.

We don’t know whether homeowners were always this focussed on security, but it’s likely that the epidemic of lock snapping over the last 10 years has made it more pressing.

Alarmingly, ONS crime statistics report that in over a quarter of burglaries homeowners come face to face with the intruder in their home! Who wouldn’t want to avoid that?

The recent police acknowledgement that they don’t have the time or resource to investigate most burglaries has reinforced the importance of home security. It’s dawning on homeowners that ‘your home is your castle’ isn’t just a saying. You really are on your own when it comes to security. Your home is, or is not secure, and there aren’t shades of grey in security. It’s black or white. Burglars either break in to your home, or they don’t.

Thankfully, the industry’s attitudes to security have changed a lot in the last two years, but the industry has been slow to catch up with homeowners’ very real concerns.

Companies persist with 1.6-1.8mm skinned GRP doors for example. Skins that thin used to pass the old PAS24:2012, but they can’t pass the current PAS24:2016 enhanced security performance requirements. And they continue to offer security as an option! Why? Burglary is a devastating experience and homeowners always want security when it’s offered.

Security is not an option with either Solidor or Residor. It’s standard because security is what people want, whether they buy a premium hardwood core composite door, or a quality mass market GRP door.

The industry is waiting to see the innovative Lock-Lock from Brisant-Secure, the developer of Ultion, at the FIT Show. Lock-Lock is exciting because it takes security to a whole new level, and it looks great. It’s a totally new concept of security, and security standards and ‘laboratory’ testing will have to raise their game because Lock-Lock’s security is ‘real-life’ and levels above current standards. We’re delighted to be the official Lock-Lock launch partner for the FIT Show.

Homeowners want real-life security so they can relax, confident they and their families will not meet an intruder prowling around their home.

Let’s give them what they want!


Gareth Mobley
CEO Solidor & Residor

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Solidor is the composite door market leader in design, quality and security. It makes the most beautiful and the most secure doors on the market thanks to eye-catching designs and a unique laminated-hardwood timber core.

A Solidor is designed to be different from other composite doors. That starts with how it’s made. Most use a skin of GRP to protect a soft foam-filled core. But a Solidor has a robust through-colour thermoplastic skin, and a thick, solid laminated hardwood timber core.

Ready for Approved Document Q and the new, more demanding PAS24 test, Solidor is leading the market in security. Tests have shown that its solid construction stays secure during the most violent attacks, where other composite doors crumble in seconds. A Solidor really is a solid door.