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The Fenestration News has been a dedicated news website since 2004, delivering on a daily basis all the latest events, ideas and information from in and around the Fenestration Industry.

The Internet is the perfect tool for not only finding what is current, but as a way of accessing past events and the information often needed to form future opinions and direction. The Internet of course, in the jargon, is a 24/7/365 operation. The Fenestration News fits in with this criterion perfectly with all its news items being updated on a daily basis.

The web site activity for the 12 months ending January 2020 shows '3,409,015' *items viewed

Individual page views can be seen on thenews listing page, under the 'info' link. These are limited to just the last 12 months

The Fenestration News gives all users access to the contact details of 11908* companies . These contact details are primarily maintained by the companies themselves and can be updated as and when required.

The news release database has 24498* items available for easy access.

Currently the email database has 13332* members.

As a delivery platform the Fenestration News is an effective delivery platform to get Companies message across.

You can subscribe here. The email inclusion sign-up is a 2 stage process, on sign-up you will be sent an acknowledgment email that requires verification before inclusion takes place. To prevent the newsletter from getting swept up by overzealous email filters, we suggest that you add the email address shown in the above acknowledgment email to your email client address book.

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  • Fabricators and Installers of windows, doors or conservatories 49.4%
  • Suppliers 14%
  • Installers of windows, doors or conservatories 7.9%
  • Product specifier 4.65%
  • Glass processing 9.3%
  • Unspecified 14.75 the Fenestration News »

*this is live data as of the 23/01/2021.

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All news items, serious and sometimes frivolous, are accepted. There are no inclusion fees (sometimes called colour separation charges).

All we ask is that we have full and proper contact details relating to all companies identified or referred to in the news release. Remember of course industry news releases are promoting a company and/or product. The Company Name, Logo and contact details can only be prominent if we have them.

News releases: Ideally should be sent as attachments and in .doc or docx formats. The cleaner the layup the easier it is for us to use. We need to disassemble the text content from its formatting so it can then be posted to our database. All the web page formatting comes from the way the web page is served; meaning it defined from the interaction between our server and the recipient's web browser.

Images: Submission of images are welcome and in most cases should be seen as a necessity to get the full story across to the viewer. Images should be supplied as attachments. It is worth noting that images embedded in documents and emails are degraded by the originating editing program, and are in most cases not suitable for publication.

Images: Coming via third parties, cannot be accessed by the Fenestration News. Security Issues prevent their download

Submission posting: All news is posted to the website on a daily basis. Any delay in this would be from us ensuring that the items each day do not overload the main web site entry points, therefore losing focus on some stories. We also tend to keep competing company stories apart. Some news releases normally associated with a company's internal communications can be demoted on the basis of relevance to the wider industry.

News releases that refer to or promote sites involved in 'farming' are usually ignored; unless a prior agreement has been put in place.

News release content: All releases are shown as individual pages with links to contact details. Where known, a company referred to in the item will also have a link provided to its contact details. If email addresses are known or supplied of the people involved in the release, we will let them know on its posting.

News release précis: The précis/introduction on all lead-in pages can be a short synopsis of the main news item, or where this is not supplied the first few paragraphs are used.

News release image caption: Captions for images are limited to 255 characters.

News release overview: Don't forget the Overview (about/editors notes) section. A specific news release is one thing, defining who and what a company is, is the next step. This section is common to all news releases and only needs to be submitted the once. In addition, where no alternative is supplied, this Overview also appears on the company contact details page.

Pecking order: Recognising that as trade-to-trade media we are promoting an industry within itself as well as a wider audience. Within that we also know that it is thanks to our sponsors/advertisers that makes everything possible and as such they do receive a higher, although not exclusive, focus.

Being the Internet we also recognise its traditional reciprocal nature and give a higher ranking to those organisations that participate in links exchange and referral programs.

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Company Details: A link to Company/Contact details, where possible, is shown on all news releases for the submitting company and any referred organisation.

The company details page also allows for the expansion of the company message and points to links to all news releases related to the company.

This page is fully searchable via the Fenestration News search facility, either by company name or product/post code.

As expected a company's name, address, telephone and fax are also included. The inclusion of web address and email addresses are also quite naturally included. It is also possible to have a public email address shown to the reader.

All publicly available email addresses are coded(Obfuscated) so as to deter automated email farming spiders as much as possible.

Products tab: This outlines the products available from each company. The listing isn't always as the company sees themselves, more the way a website user would see the product category they are searching for.

In the main these details are supplied by the companies themselves. The flaw is when they (the Companies) float off into the ether; then they are no longer interested in keeping us updated. In these instances we rely on information from the rest of the industry to update us as and when companies disappear.

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Advertising: The Fenestration News taps in perfectly with the nature of the Internet's 24/7/365 availability. We recognise that the greater majority of those developing a business in this industry are hard at work all hours of the day, and what others call down time our industry uses for planning their next strategic step. Likewise, those with a message to get out, need to deliver it when their prospective customer is receptive to receiving it, this is where the Fenestration News ticks all the right boxes.

Costs: We try to keep it a simple as possible while recognising that not everyone's needs or requirements are the same. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss how we can best fulfil your objectives.

Below is a guide or indication of the typical rates for advertising with the Fenestration News.

Position 1: Fixed position that appears on all news pages (12,000+), first seen item with the highest coverage.

Size: 500pix X 62pix

  • Guide Up to 3 months at £750 per month
  • Guide Up to 12 months or more at £565.00 per month

Position 2: Fixed position appears on all the main news lead-in/entry pages (6,000+)

Size: 500pix X 62pix

  • Guide Up to 3 months at £585 per month
  • Guide Up to 12 months or more at £465.00 per month

Position 3: High level in fixed position on all the main news lead-in/entry pages (6,000+)

Size: 165pix X 185pix or 360pix X 75pix

  • Guide Up to 3 months at £465 per month
  • Guide Up to 12 months or more at £365.00 per month

Position 4: Floating position on all the main news lead-in/entry pages (6,000+), both formats used (portrait & landscape) dependent on the page.

Size: 165pix X 185pix and/or 360pix X 75pix

  • Guide Up to 3 months at £365 per month
  • Guide Up to 12 months or more at £295.00 per month
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This is a free service and is seen by us as a community communication tool. Advertisements can run for as long as required and can be for any position within the Fenestration Industry.

For jobs that would normally be filled from your local conurbation, the Fenestration News may be the wrong direction to take.

To place a job advertisement, go to your company's administration page and use form as shown.

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