Performance enhancements for Kömmerling s PremiLine patio


KÖMMERLING has announced a number of product enhancements to their already impressive PremiLine patio door, thanks to partnerships with CiiLOCK Engineering for the design and Window Ware for the sales and distribution of the new hardware.

These new features for 2020 include a revolutionary soft-close, anti-slam mechanism which provides a super smooth operation and reduces the risk of trapping fingers and damaging the patio door frame and sash. The operation of the moving sashes has also been improved with the new heavy-duty roller option, which provides for a 60% increase in load bearing for 2, 3 and 4 pane patio doors, supporting up to 160kg per sash for larger door openings. In addition, a new door bump stop has also been added to the hardware range.

A new pop out handle for the PremiLine Pro variant has also been introduced, which operates a patented multi-point lock at the sash interlock. It’s also achieved PAS 24 in 2, 3 and 4 pane variants without the need for plunge bolts and satisfies the stringent requirements for the Lifetime Homes standard. It is also Document Q, Document M and Secured by Design compliant.

Andrew Charlesworth, head of technical for profine UK and the KÖMMERLING brand commented: “Without question, these new technical enhancements for the PremiLine patio door make it a standout market leader in terms of product features and with new finishes from stock including Painswick (Agate Grey) and Smooth Slate Grey, it’s also a great looking door too.

He continued: ‘Despite market uncertainties and other issues affecting short-term demand, we’re continuing to innovate with our window and door systems, with further product launches due later in the year.’

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Kömmerling is part of the Profine Group, which is Europe’s largest extruder of window and door systems under the Kömmerling, KBE and Trocal brand names and operates across 21 countries. The brand has an enviable reputation in the UK for product design, quality and customer service. Kömmerling has always been recognised at the premium end of the market and this reflects on the type of customer it supplies and their own professional approach to the market.

Kömmerling can also lay claim to be one of the most environmentally conscious brands in the UK supplying window and door systems using Greenline, a lead-free compound and supporting this with the Recyline recycling initiative.

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