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Continued investment for Liniar despite uncertain times

The world, and our industry, are navigating uncharted waters as we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic – but even whilst we’re in a period of uncertainty, one systems company remains firmly focused on the future.

Known for its ongoing commitment to quality and innovation, together with pressing the importance of continued investment, Liniar has announced it has made £ millions of further investment into its PVCu extrusion facility. Not only is this positive news during a time of uncertainty, Liniar customers can rest assured the ongoing high quality of products remains safeguarded for the future.

New Arrivals

Liniar’s Production Director Eddy Webb provides details about the company’s new arrivals:

“This week, we received delivery of two new extruders. Both will be taking the place of end of life, older extruders to ensure that the efficiency of our operations remains excellent whilst also providing our customers with consistently high quality profiles.

“The upgrades in our extrusion hall include a twin strand extruder and a single strand extruder, and these are just part of the ongoing investment we receive from our parent company, Quanex Building Products. Whilst there is currently a period of economic turmoil because of the instability caused from COVID-19, we remain committed to providing the highest of standards. These standards require us to continue to invest across the business, ensuring our success for years to come.”

What does this mean for customers?

Liniar’s new extrusion machinery is good news for its ever-growing customer base. New machinery equates to no down time, more efficient operations and Liniar’s exceptional delivery standards continually beating 99% on time in full. It will also help to ensure that the products customers receive are of consistently excellent quality.

“When it comes to investing across our business, we’re putting customers at the heart of everything we do,” comments Eddy.

For more information about Liniar’s programme of investment, visit https://www.liniar.co.uk/about/investment/.

HL Plastics

The Liniar brand is manufactured in the UK by HL Plastics Ltd and has grown to become one of the UK's most innovative ranges of PVCu extrusions. Group Managing Director Roger Hartshorn has been highly influential in the industry for many years having founded Eurocell and grown it to become one of the leading window systems companies. He assembled a team of highly experienced specialists at Liniar to develop and supply an innovative window system that makes life easier for fabricators.

Liniar's mission is to be recognised as a leading force for quality and excellence in product development – fusing industry experience with innovation, sustainability and loyalty. Starting with a blank sheet of paper, with a proven understanding of the problems fabricators face, the Liniar team has designed out problems that add to the cost or difficulty of fabricating, selling or installing PVCu windows. The result is a window system for the challenges of today, where the means to help fabricators compete more effectively are designed into the system itself.

HL Plastics also designs and manufactures a wide variety of other PVCu products - innovative decking, verandah systems, fencing systems, picket fencing and plastic piling for industrial, landscaping and home and garden use all form part of the Liniar range, with each Liniar product utilising advanced extrusion and moulding technologies supported by a range of secondary processes for specialist finishes.

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