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New Castle House, Nottingham

CAB and its membership work closely with institutions and associations to further the understanding and education regarding aluminium in building. One recent initiative with the University of Nottingham has seen CAB support the department of architecture in a particularly interesting study of our ‘modern’ buildings.

Professor Michael Stacey, Chair of Architecture at the University comments on the proposed research, “In order to better understand aluminium’s life expectancy, it is proposed to study a series of UK buildings, as case studies, that are between 20 and 40 years of age. At the time of construction, finishes and gaskets would have been given no more than a 25-year guarantee. It will be interesting to discover the condition of these installations, how they have weathered and worn, and try to determine their future life expectancy. It will also be of interest to determine any remedial work that could be effectively carried out to further the life expectancy of these installations. A diverse selection of building types will be studied, and all studies will be carried out in the same manner, in order to draw accurate comparisons between the studies.”

The resulting data drawn from the research will form a body of work which will be publicly available for both students’ research and the wider construction industry to better understand aluminium’s durability and extensive life expectancy.

The proposed initial case study is New Castle House, Castle Boulevard, Nottingham, originally designed by Owen William and refurbished in 1987. This building will form an excellent pilot study for investigating the durability of aluminium via long-term building case studies, as the aluminium-based refurbishment is now 24 years old.

The results of the pilot study will be exhibited at ‘Prototyping Architecture’, which will be staged in the Prototyping Hall of the New Energy Technologies Building at University of Nottingham’s Jubilee Campus in October 2012 and then taken to the Building Centre, London in November 2012.

The study will be carried out in conjunction with CAB members, Qualicoat and the Federation of European Window and Curtain Walling Manufacturers Associations (FAECF).

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