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Super Spacer to be made in Great Britain

Andy Jones, Managing Director of Edgetech UK

Demand for Edgetech’s Super Spacer® is so high the company is making a major commitment to the UK market by investing in a world class manufacturing facility. This will make it the only dedicated Warm Edge Technology (WET) extrusion facility in the UK.

The new £2.5m plant in Coventry will manufacture Super Spacer specifically for the UK market. Edgetech IG will continue to supply global demand from its 476,000 sq ft Headquarters in Cambridge, Ohio, but as Mike Hovan, President of Edgetech IG explains: “We had to expand our manufacturing capacity to stay ahead of increasing global demand for Super Spacer. The UK market has seen in excess of 300% growth in the last 3 years, so we wanted to demonstrate our commitment to the UK market by investing in a facility here.”

Mike continues: “Edgetech UK was established 11 years ago and it has been fantastic to see its growth, particularly in the last few years with some big names coming on board, including most recently, Camden. That’s why we made Andy Jones Managing Director of the UK at the end of last year, because we knew the UK was well on its way to following the US trend, where WET is the norm over aluminium.”

“UK companies and individuals like to buy British,” adds Andy Jones. “As well as a sense of pride, it gives us security to know our suppliers are completely accessible. Manufacturing in the UK means Edgetech can offer its customers shorter lead times, helping them offer their customers even more flexibility and efficiencies. This is the latest development in Edgetech UK’s continuous drive to offer the best product, service and support.

“I’ve seen first hand the changes in the UK market over the last few years,” continues Andy. “More people are asking for Energy Saving Recommended Windows, and our industry is helping to drive this demand. There are an increasing number of companies that see the future as WET and are investing in Super Spacer machinery to be able to offer the best. Our customers are prepared to invest in the future of the industry, and so are we.”

Edgetech’s new factory will be fully operational in the summer and to celebrate the opening of the new facility, Edgetech will be holding a launch event. More details on that to follow.

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In 2014, Edgetech's 25th anniversary year, it added more products to its portfolio. Changing Edgetech from a single component manufacturer to a comprehensive component supplier for warm edge windows. For IGU manufacturers the award winning Super Spacer Alpha, the best performing spacer in the world, a rigid warm edge spacer TruPlas, high performance desiccant TruSieve, and a simulated divided lite system SDL. Edgetech has also brought new opportunities for installation companies with glass protection system TruShield and expanding foam installation edge tape TruFit..

Visit www.superspacer.com to learn more about the company’s products, services and global initiatives. Edgetech is part of Quanex Building Products Corporation (NYSE: NX) an industry-leading manufacturer of engineered components, products and systems serving North America and International window and door OEMs.

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