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Letter to the Editor - Response to Being number 1 - Chris Ball, MBA Associates

Dear Ian

It's true that being number one is an admirable aspiration and any competition that rewards the effort and dedication that go into being number one at anything has to be a good thing, it inspires and motivates and gives the winner something people value more than money, the respect of their peers. However there can only be one number one! One winner of the Fit Show prize, one listing at the top of Google and one Usain Bolt (why do the others turn up?).

What business in our sector can survive with one star performer? If you can't get what the Americans colourfully call "Rainmakers" in every post then you need to shift the performance of the whole 'population' to the right and increasingly Sales Intelligence is being used as a tool to do this. You are right, Sales needs the respect that it gets across the pond and giving the salesperson the car keys and telling them to get on with it won't build a Top Performing Team.

Our aim in partnering with sales-i is to help clients put Top Performers in every post


Chris Ball
MBA Associates Limited

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Being number 1

News title: -    Letter to the Editor - Response to Being number 1 - Chris Ball, MBA Associates
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