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SFS hinges are designed with performance in mind

There was a time when the fenestration industry used to specify hinges mainly on cost, opting for cheap and mass produced imports from China. Now, they want more than just the most cost effective solution, requiring a high performance hinge which will stand the test of time and perform to the required Building Regulations.

Nigel Wood, Business Development Manager at SFS intec, comments: “For over a decade hinges have been specified on terms of cost, with little thought for performance or durability. Fortunately, the industry is now specifying hinges based on these factors and is willing to pay more for a premium product, to ensure optimum lifecycles and reduced long term costs.

“All SFS intec hinges are manufactured by us, so we know exactly how each product is made from start to finish, with the user benefit in mind. We pride ourselves on high performance hinges because we understand the need for a long lasting product, which will offer the best result. We cannot ignore the cost conscious climate that we are in; however it’s reassuring to know that the industry is evolving, leaning towards performance over cost. Essentially, this ensures that a building will be secure throughout its lifetime.”

SFS intec’s bespoke hinge range is designed to match the specific needs of the user, ensuring that the industry’s requirements and regulations, such as maintenance and security, are met.

For example, the W-Tec 3D range provides users with an efficient and quick system which features a symmetrical milling on the frame and sash, considerably reducing installation time. Unlike other concealed hinges of this type, the W-Tec is developed with two extra pivots to reduce friction, ensuring a smooth movement whilst eliminating the risk of premature wear. Allowing for a quick and concise fixing, the hinge also only requires one jig for both the door and frame and one hex key for all adjustments. Aluminium caps, in various finishes, conceal the hinge and blend in with the entire door set, matching the aesthetic requirements of the user.

Enhancing their product range for specifiers, SFS intec’s recent developments to the Dynamic 2D hinge have been introduced to reduce time and cost in the factory and onsite. The improved design includes a preset depth top pin, negating the need to loosen the top pin in order to adjust the bottom pin, to speed up the assembly process throughout installation and maintenance stages, whilst retaining the strength of the overall door set.

It is vital to specify hinges based on performance and not just cost alone. If the industry chooses to ignore this, potentially harmful implications may arise such as increased maintenance issues and non-compliant buildings.

For further information on the SFS intec hinge range please call 0113 2085 535 or email uk.leeds@sfsintec.biz.

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SFS Intec

SFS intec has been manufacturing high performance door hinges in Europe since 1980 and offers one of the industry’s most advanced ranges to suit PVC-U, composite, timber and aluminium entrance doors, plus internal doors.

SFS intec’s hinge division has been accredited by the UK Police flagship initiative - Secure by Design – a scheme which focuses on crime prevention at the design, layout and construction stages of homes and commercial premises and promotes the use of security standards for a wide range of applications and products.

With its headquarters in Heerbrugg, Switzerland, SFS intec also has manufacturing operations in, France, Italy, America and the UK.

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