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CENSolutions Offers the Full Monty!

CENSolutions, the leading consultancy and test facility for the window, door and glazing industries, has always been proud to boast its own in-house laboratory but, along with the additional support offered by the company, this becomes particularly important when companies are struggling to achieve ever higher performance levels. For example, the annual EN1279 Part 6 gas concentration levels test. Linn Bellerby, Laboratory Director at CENSolutions, says: “During EN1279 Part 6 testing some firms struggle to achieve concentration levels they have self-declared in order to meet current industry needs - usually 85-100%.

“Levels within this range are essential for compliance with Document L of the Building Regulations, whether it be via u-values or Window Energy Ratings, since calculations for both routes assume a nominal 90% concentration. Organisations such as the British Fenestration Rating Council (BFRC) insist on a Declaration of Conformity to EN 1279 Part 5, which links back to a System Description and relevant test reports. Similarly, companies registered with FENSA and other ‘Capable Persons Scheme’ providers should be demonstrating Part 5 compliance. We understand its importance to our customers, so when we see a unit has failed the test, we explain the requirement for daily checks using in-house gas testing equipment and talk them through the ways they can improve their systems to ultimately improve their results.

“CENSolutions was established to help companies make sense of their testing, standards and legislative needs, so we like to add value to the results we report, by giving customers an explanation as to why those results were achieved. Unlike our competitors who simply offer a pass or fail outcome, we spend time going through the results with our customers so that they understand the strong points of their products and where applicable, the weaker points too. This gives them a much better understanding of the tests being performed on their products so helping them to make improvements to the quality and performance of their offering.”

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