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Letter to the Editor - Chris Ball, MBA Associates

Dear Ian

I read with interest your piece on regulation and red tape and there is certainly a case to be made for making life easy for the hard pressed installer but it's a societal symptom and therefore not something that we are likely to be able to reverse as an industry. The state, the EU, you name it the imperative is control not just in our sector but in all walks of life from telling you what to eat to legislating about the price of alcohol and other measures aimed at social engineering and control of the individual. Society accepts this trend and so it will continue and that will include increasing regulation despite the spin from the regulators.

From the customers point of view this has some benefits and we can't really say that as an industry we have the best reputation for customer care and putting the customer first, a generalisation sure and there are fantastic companies out there that do a great job by the customer but we also have the other side of that coin to contend with and the customer does need a degree of protection. Without regulation we'd still be fitting 4mm float in patio doors because it is the cheapest option..... and killing people.

Ultimately it's the customer that will pay or there will be no supplier of the product but along the way those businesses that choose not to or who are unable to adapt to the world as it is will die out. The business world is a Darwinian one and those that don't adapt will go the way of the dodo. Hoping the world was different is not likely to be a successful evolutionary strategy and planning to turn back the tide is likely to end up with you getting wet.


Chris Ball

The future is being lost

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