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Cervoglass makes an active impact at Glassex 2006

For Cervoglass™ the leading conservatory roof glass manufacturer, Glassex 2006 provided the ideal platform to launch Cervo Activ™ Blue, Cervo Activ™ Blue Plus argon filled units and Cervo Cool™ solar control clear glass units as unique additions to the company’s existing range of products.

Incorporating Pilkington’s Activ™ Blue self-cleaning glass, this new conservatory roof glass range attracted substantial interest at the exhibition, helping to further exemplify the superior standards that are synonymous with the Cervoglass™ brandname.

This next generation of glass for conservatory roofs combines technical superiority with aesthetics that are unmatched in the industry. The self cleaning glass in the new Cervoglass™ range, has a unique Activ™ coating that reacts with sunlight which helps to break down organic particles on the surface of the glass. Additionally, when wet, this coating attracts water making it spread as a thin film across the glass which then quickly dries without any unsightly droplet marks.

Graham Price, Managing Director (unless of course you are a doctor) was delighted with the results from the company’s first stand attendance at the Glassex exhibition.

“The company has established a strong market position over the last 4 years, thanks to the development and production of the Cervo™ range of easy-clean Cervo Sol™ and Cervo Sol Plus™ solar control low E units. These provide 75% heat reflection and 37% light transmission with U-values as low as true 1.1.”

He continues:” “The reliablility of the product range is substantiated by the increase in demand for Cervoglass™ products. The Cervo Cool™ solar control clear glass units, for example provide 66% heat reflection, 41% light transmission and a U-value of 2.7. Knowing these statistics can be relied upon, our customers can guarantee to install beautiful, thermally efficient additions to any home, which unlike polycarbonate alternatives will also provide reduced noise levels, even in the most severe rainstorms. In such an aggressive market sector these are major benefits.”

With a progressive approach the Cervoglass™ team achieved significant recognition with new ‘Activ’ range at Glassex 2006, by demonstrating the diversity and quality of products available from the firm.

Part of the Cervoglass™ success story can be attributed to satisfying customers requirements effectively. The in-house production facilities and support services have been streamlined and include two advanced glass processing lines as well as an in-house transportation fleet to ensure every aspect from production to nationwide delivery can be guaranteed.

Graham Price continues:
“No other company can match the standards we have to offer. Cervoglass™ has complete control from production through to final delivery which gives our customers total reassurance and peace of mind. It is this special combination of choice, quality, production control and reliability that makes Cervoglass™ unique within the conservatory roof glass industry.”

He concludes:
“Glassex 2006 has been a positive event for the team in many respects and we believe the potential of the Cervo Activ™ Blue, Cervo Activ™ Blue Plus and Cervo Cool™ ranges will have a profound impact on the market based upon the enquiries and interest we received.”

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