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Windowmaster helps designers deliver on cost and performance

WindowMaster has produced a new free white paper for specifiers on delivering cost effective precision control of windows and facades in natural ventilation systems.

WindowMaster (www.windowmaster.co.uk) has produced a new white paper for specifiers and designers on how best to deliver cost effective, high performance controls for windows and facades in natural ventilation systems. The white paper can be downloaded free from www.tiny.cc/NaturalVent Europe's largest provider of natural comfort and smoke ventilation solutions is seeking to help design engineers and specifiers make the right choices in setting out strategies for natural ventilation.

WindowMaster's Tom Lymn said: "There is a widely held misconception that natural ventilation is not an adequate method of providing sufficient indoor air quality in buildings. The atmosphere is thought to be too hot, too cold or too stuffy. It is also said to create high energy bills and to give unpredictable results.

"These issues can often be solved by improving the operation of control systems and creating enhanced understanding and delivery of natural ventilation strategies. They can be addressed successfully by paying close attention to design issues on such things as cross, side and passive stack air flow paths. The effects of airflow into a building must be measured, understood and integrated into any natural ventilation design.

"Currently, performance specifications tend to be based around specific products and not on the building itself, its location or specific client needs. Designers need to take an holistic approach. Effective natural ventilation solutions must be aligned to these factors in order to deliver on performance."

To help in the design process WindowMaster has developed a white paper which shows how the careful integration of natural ventilation into the design of building energy management systems (BEMS) is essential in the delivery of a compliant natural ventilation strategy.

In addition, the white paper offers advice on where best to focus design to achieve a comfortable indoor climate, improved energy consumption and sustainability.

Tom added: "WindowMaster helps designers and specifiers take into account such things as multi-speed operation, pressure safety, actuator position feedback, wiring routes, synchronisation and fault indication in order to deliver precise control within the first five centimetres of window opening. This helps to control temperature, carbon dioxide and noise, reduces draughts and improves building security."

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