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Trend for natural ventilation continues with Windowmaster Motorlink

MotorLink™ features precise millimetre-by-millimetre window opening control that enables an optimal indoor climate to be obtained whatever the weather or the season.

Trend Controls (www. Trendcontrols .com) has launched a safe window control option for façade and building controls based on MotorLink™ technology from WindowMaster (www. Windowmaster .com), Europe's largest provider of natural ventilation solutions.

The operation of buildings accounts for 40 per cent of all energy consumption in Europe. Because this energy is still generated primarily from coal-based sources it creates high CO2 emissions. Automated natural ventilation or hybrid systems with mechanical and natural ventilation can help to reduce the carbon footprint of a building and produce a healthier indoor climate.

Trend wanted to introduce an intelligent window control package that can be fully integrated within building energy management systems (BEMS) in order to maximise the benefits of natural ventilation. The use of MotorLinkTM technology allows window position to be controlled and monitored with unrivalled accuracy, as well as providing near silent operation and enhanced levels of safety and security.

Because the technology is an integral part of the BEMS, control of the windows can be easily coordinated with that of the other heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) services to boost energy savings and optimise conditions throughout the building.

And, since only one controls supplier is involved, confusion over contractual responsibilities is avoided. With the Trend solution there is a single system and single supplier, the latter carrying out all engineering and commissioning work.

Malcolm Gribble, global sales director at Trend, said: "Trend is pleased to be associated with a market-leading product from WindowMaster. "WindowMaster prides itself on providing high quality products and services; these match perfectly with Trend's requirement to deliver individual customer solutions with excellent service and support."

MotorLink™ is a state-of-the-art digital data communication technology which provides improved control and functionality where automated windows and natural ventilation are part of a BEMS.

Offering precise and accurate control, MotorLink™ operates within open standards so its operation does not require expensive dedicated software systems. The versatile range of functionality of the MotorLink™ system enables Trend to deliver a robust, flexible control solution.

Millimetre-by-millimetre control of window opening enables an optimal indoor climate to be obtained whatever the weather or the season. Two-way communication between the MotorLinkTM window actuators and MotorController enables the BEMS to accurately position the windows. The actual position of a window is logged and stored in a secure memory within the electronics of each MotorLink™ enabled actuator. Position information is therefore retained even in the event of power loss.

Full synchronisation means that up to four actuators on one window can work together within a tolerance of less than two millimetres. The system enables the actuators to communicate with one another so that they are always working at the same speed to avoid damage to the window.

Reversing and pressure safety functions within the MotorLink™ system reduce pressure on the window gaskets, prolonging the life span of the seals and the air tightness of the windows. In addition, actuators equipped with MotorLink™ technology can be programmed to stop and reverse if an object is encountered when the window is closing.

Richard Arnott, UK and Ireland market manager for WindowMaster, said: "Natural ventilation has moved to the forefront of building design in recent years with the increasing focus on energy consumption and sustainability. As a result, demand for automated and intelligent facades has grown.

"WindowMaster has used its years of experience to make the programming and operation of automated natural ventilation and smoke ventilation systems as easy as possible. The new MotorLink™ range of MotorControllers is very versatile and interfaces with building energy management systems using open bus communication standards, which means that we are able to help Trend develop its MotorLink-based solution. We are delighted because this system provides further proof that the demand for natural ventilation for energy efficient building is increasing."

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