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letter to the Editor - A lopsided World - open letter

Dear Ian

A lopsided world indeed but I believe it's not just the intentions that are questionable you have to ask if competency is in any way a requirement to legislate on a subject. The Green Deal is a good example I'm engaged in a letter writing exercise with the Minister and have to say that whilst he writes a long (very long) letter or his minions do (with a due nod to Mark Warren who I understand has some copyright) the grasp of what matters to real people seems to be driven by which minority faction shouts loudest and a desire for re-election (at any cost so long as it's YOURS)

Governments are there to create a safe environment to allow people to thrive, not to proscribe where it's not necessary and not to dictate how we should think, that way lies the Orwellian Farmyard


Chris Ball

A Lopsided World

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