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Cervoglass and Pilkingtons – together make a winning combination.

A steady and considerable increase in sales is clearly demonstrating that more and more companies are choosing products from the Cervoglass range placing the company ahead of the competition for a number of reasons. The flexibility of in-house manufacturing and the excellent service support provided by the Cervoglass team all combined with the reliability of the latest Pilkington self-cleaning products is proving a firm favourite in the glass roof market.

Uncertain industry trading conditions throughout 2005 has left many deliberating about how to move forward with confidence in a hesitant market. For Cervoglass however, the company is confident that there will be continued steady growth in market trends as increase in demand for the product range has continued to grow throughout 2006.

Launched in February the innovative Cervo Activ Blue and Cervo Sol Plus products have invigorated customers inspiring a positive outlook in a stabilising market. Consumer expenditure and positive statistics in the housing market have demonstrated to senior management at the company that favourable trading conditions will return.

With increasing legislative regulatory changes and the new standard guidelines within the industry as a whole Graham Price considers only the most technically advanced and cost effective products will achieve profitable sales results.

The next generation of glass for conservatory roofs combines technical superiority with aesthetics that are unmatched in the industry. Incorporating Pilkington Activ Ô Blue self-cleaning glass, the products in the Cervoglass range clearly provide superior standards. The unique properties of the coating react with UV light to break down organic particles on the surface of the glass. Additionally when wet, this coating attracts water making it spread as a thin film across the glass and run off taking the dirt with it. In addition, it dries quickly without any unsightly droplet marks.

The Cervo range of easy-clean and solar control glass provide 75% heat reflection and 37% light transmission with U-values as low as a true 1.1. Statistics which prove that these products can be relied upon are reflected in the upward trend in sales for Cervoglass.

Customer input is also vitally important and it is imperative to monitor and maintain ongoing service standards at the company.

Graham Price comments, “We listen to the feedback from our customers to ensure we meet their specific needs on large or small projects. With the advanced in house production facilities and our own delivery fleet it is evident that customers rely on the products and services we supply.”

He continues: “The products we provide are at the forefront of the industry in terms of design and reliability offering radical performance levels which meet all current and future legislative industry performance requirements.”

Matt Buckley, Marketing Director at Pilkington adds, “We are delighted with the way that Cervoglass have taken to Pilkington Activ Ô Blue. They are one of the top independent customers for Pilkington Activ Ô and are carving a niche in the glass roof sector. The product performance of Pilkington Activ Ô Blue in combination with Cervoglass’ service have proved to be a winning combination for the conservatory roof market”

To find out why Cervoglass are the No.1 roof glass manufacturer call 0151 522 6604 or simply fax to 0151 522 6606

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