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New PatioMaster Anglia franchise

Emplas has strengthened its product offer and range with the inclusion of PatioMaster suite

Emplas has strengthened its product offer and range after being named as the new franchise for specialist inline sliding door manufacturer, PatioMaster.

The fabricator was appointed as PatioMaster Anglia at the end of October, becoming the sole PatioMaster supplier in the counties of Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire, Hertfordshire and greater London.

Mike Crewdson, Sales and Marketing Director, Emplas and PatioMaster Anglia, said that Emplas had had the PatioMaster brand in its sights for some time.

He said: “To secure the PatioMaster Anglia franchise is important to us because it gives us a really strong association with one of the industry’s leading inline sliding door brands. This delivers value to us as a fabricator but also to our customers and particularly those in retail.

“It’s an established product, delivers a host of installation efficiencies and for that reason is very popular with installers and homeowners.”

Available in two, three and four pane options, in as little as a five-day turnaround on standard orders, the PatioMaster inline sliding door has been designed to deliver slim and sleek sightlines.

An 86mm slim-stepped profile delivers enhanced aesthetics, at the same time aiding installation by reducing plaster cutback.

A choice of White wood grain, three shades of Grey, Beck Brown, Chartwell Green, Ice Cream, Blue, red and Green, and a premium offering of subtle pastel shades including Willow Green, Barley Water and Vanilla, plus three attractive wood finishes Siena PN, Siena Pr and Irish Oak, contribute to a choice of up to 19 special colour options.

It’s also fully accredited. Reinforced with fully galvanised steel and are extruded to conform to BS EN 12608 it also features a security head rail and full height keep rail.

PatioMaster inline sliding doors also use a multi-point lock with 6 hook opposing action, and feature an inbuilt anti-lift system. The tracking system uses steel tandem rollers cycle tested to 103,000 cycles, and a tracking section manufactured from stainless steel.

Mike continued: “Reliability is a huge value to our trade customers, which is why we have supplied the PatioMaster door for so long. They can sell it, fit it and forget it. That quality and performance is critical. Call backs and problems can simply blow away margin.

“Fabricators buying in inline sliders don’t want the grief from the installers and installers don’t want call backs to site.

“We have an established and highly engineered product, where those problems just don’t happen. That and the brand association that becoming part of the PatioMaster Network gives us, delivers real benefits to our customers.”

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