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Edgetech Celebrates One Billion Feet of Super Spacer ®

Edgetech’s President Mike Hovan assists Lauren International Chairman Dale Foland in cutting the billionth foot of Super Spacer®. Gerhard Reichert and Larry Johnson of Edgetech look on.

Jeld-Wen Windows & Doors receives 1-billionth foot in commemorative shadow box

Edgetech UK’s global parent company, Edgetech IG Inc produced its billionth foot of Super Spacer®, on July 24. The company is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of warm edge spacer systems, and the billionth foot was produced for Oregon-based Jeld-Wen Windows & Doors.

“It’s a milestone for entire company,” says Andy Jones, Edgetech UK’s Sales Director and General Manager. “While our warm edge technology is transforming the UK market, this proves the rest of the world is just as convinced of its benefits.”

An Edgetech partner for eight years, Jeld-Wen recently installed two fully automated Super Spacer lines. According to Martin Seier, Jeld-Wen Canada General Manager, Corporate Services, the partnership has saved the company millions in after-sales service.

Seier comments: “Considering we have the worst weather extremes in Winnipeg [Canada], this was a no-brainer – Edgetech was the only solution. Now Super Spacer is our standard.”

Edgetech IG Inc.’s Executive Vice-President Larry Johnson and Regional Sales Manager Erin Barker presented the 1-billionth foot in a commemorative shadow box to Seier and Jeld-Wen Winnipeg General Manager Tod Blanchard at a celebration held July 27 at their Winnipeg facility.

According to Blanchard, installing the automated Super Spacer line was key in Jeld-Wen’s decision to increase its warranty program. “We currently offer a 20-year package. Given the high performance Super Spacer provides, we’ve decided to extend that to a lifetime warranty.”

Just how long is one billion feet? Edgetech employees did some research and learned that they could wrap the leading warm edge spacer around the earth more than seven times. Super Spacer can be found in more than 100 million insulating glass units – or 50-60 million windows – in as many as 60 countries.

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In 2014, Edgetech's 25th anniversary year, it added more products to its portfolio. Changing Edgetech from a single component manufacturer to a comprehensive component supplier for warm edge windows. For IGU manufacturers the award winning Super Spacer Alpha, the best performing spacer in the world, a rigid warm edge spacer TruPlas, high performance desiccant TruSieve, and a simulated divided lite system SDL. Edgetech has also brought new opportunities for installation companies with glass protection system TruShield and expanding foam installation edge tape TruFit..

Visit www.superspacer.com to learn more about the company’s products, services and global initiatives. Edgetech is part of Quanex Building Products Corporation (NYSE: NX) an industry-leading manufacturer of engineered components, products and systems serving North America and International window and door OEMs.

For further information visit the Company's website at www.quanex.com.

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