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A quality partnership for Pilkington and Banaglaze

Value and quality are the ingredients to the successful 20-year partnership between Pilkington Building Products – UK and Banaglaze Window Systems. The uninterrupted stretch is remarkable in any industry, but for these two companies to enjoy such a relationship in the glazing sector is a cause for celebration.

The Buckinghamshire-based company had been trading for just four years before it partnered with Pilkington. Since they started working together in 1986, Banaglaze MD Ian Leigh says they have been providing customers with value and quality, the secret to the two-decade success. The Chesham company specialises in window and conservatory installations, sold on word of mouth recommendations.

He comments: “Banaglaze has been in existence for 24 years and our relationship with Pilkington has been pretty much constant. Even in the recent tough times, we’ve seen a significant growth in our sales and the help and assistance we’ve received from Pilkington Sealed Units at Oldbury has been a key factor. On the technical side the service we receive is unequalled and the products are excellent quality.”

Banaglaze has remained ahead of the game because of its refusal to compromise on service, quality or price. Ian continues: “We take a strategic and methodical approach to our business. We aim for the top end of the market and we emphasise added value, whether it is in the product offering or service. We put a lot of stock in new developments and innovations. We used Pilkington K Glass as standard for 10 years before legislation forced other companies to upgrade their offer, we’ve been heavily involved in promoting Pilkington Activ and we are working on offering a Window Energy Rating compliant unit as standard. We are very positive about the future and we look forward to working with Pilkington for many years yet.”

David Storer, Pilkington Building Products-UK IGU sales development manager, comments: “Pilkington Sealed Units is proud of the partnership with Banaglaze. They have worked hard to establish a reputation that is associated with quality and reliability. We enjoy an open and honest relationship with them and any issues we have are discussed frankly and resolved quickly. In a tough climate for window companies, Banaglaze has created a blueprint for success.”

Further information can be obtained by contacting Pilkington Building Products – UK by sending an email to pilkington@respond.uk.com or by calling 01744 692000.

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