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Edgetech lobbies Government - letter to the Prime Minister

Dear Mr Blair

In your interview with BBC Radio 1 (Monday 7 August), you said that if each household had three energy-saving light bulbs, "[we] would save...the equivalent [energy] of all the street lighting in Britain."

We could save even more by choosing energy saving windows, which as you know are now energy rated like fridges and white goods. But most people aren't aware that these windows are available - let alone how to source them. And there are no Government incentives to buy.

The energy saved by choosing between a 'B' rated window over an 'E' rated one can be as much as (if not more than) the difference between single and double glazing.But current legislation only calls for our windows to be 'E' Rated for replacements, and 'D' Rated for new build.

According to the Energy Saving Trust, a household fitting the minimum 'C' rated Energy Saving Recommended windows in place of standard windows can typically cut carbon dioxide emissions by over half a tonne per year. This is a huge saving, as 20% of the heat lost from an average home occurs through the windows.

'C' rated windows are now offered at little or no extra cost to homeowners, or the Government - and the technology is readily available.

If all of the 25.6 million homes in the UK replaced their windows with Energy Saving Recommended ones, you could reduce carbon emissions by up to 12.8 million tonnes a year... and every year thereafter. The latest 'A' rated windows are even more energy efficient - with corresponding savings on carbon emissions and household energy bills.

Carbon audits just aren't enough. Cutting VAT on windows and indeed all Energy Saving Recommended products will encourage take-up and make a real difference to the UK's carbon emissions and energy bills. This would reduce our dependency on imported gas and oil.

Specifying 'C' or higher rated windows in Building Regulations for all properties - including new build and existing housing stock - would help even more.

As you say, this is an urgent issue. Why are we heating the world instead of our homes, when Greenland's ice sheets are melting at an 'ever-faster rate' (as reported by the Financial Times, 11.08.09) and temperatures hit 100 degrees Fahrenheit this summer? What more are we waiting for?

Yours sincerely

Andy Jones
Sales Director and General Manager
Edgetech UK
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