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60 per cent of workers pay for their own office Christmas party

This headline was the subject matter of a recent email received this end as a preamble to a media release. While I understand the well-meaning premise behind the item and the tack it was taking there was a presumption someone other than the customer would ultimately pick up the bill. That’s the bit they didn’t get to.

That of course gets the mind wandering as to perception versus real. The internet got rolling by mutual consent, as in a reciprocal respect and action by all participants paying forward. Now it has of course degenerated and is dominated by freeloaders. Simply the gimee, gimee, gimee – sponge generation that shout very loudly never contributing in return but expect everything others have earned as if it’s their right as well. Another trust lost

If you are using the internet for trade you need to be in the queue in front of your competitors, so a slight of hand is employed to get there. Then when you need to be a bit further up in the ratings with more followers – you buy them. If you want better reviews you just buy them. It’s no longer real. Another trust lost.

This sort of attitude spins over into every day events, at one time having an award was deemed to be recognition of a real achievement, a medal for valour, an accomplishment. Similarly, there is the thought your government will give you things, as if it had money and wealth of its own.

Living in a democracy meant you (the people) selected your candidate, then voted for them – unfortunately that is no longer the case. Your representative is selected for you by a gang leader based on that person’s support of that leader. At best you get to vote for the least-worse option, and not government by the people for the people – real democracy, not a chance. The money they randomly give away is the bribe to stop the revolution. Another trust lost.

Sometimes, just sometimes, you find the odd dinosaur out there, they remind us of better times and how things can be real. Tony Higgin comes to mind here with the G-Awards, it’s still real, it has to be worked for. Entries are scrutinised and judged by experienced independent experts. If a company puts its self though that type of scrutiny and gets the ultimate recognition, they ‘earnt’ it by their own accomplishments.

To those that got short-listed, nearly there, keep pushing. Those that got the final accolade remember, that’s your standard going forward. Tony? – thank goodness another dinosaur retained. Well done everyone for making it real - trust regained

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