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We're talking about good vibrations

An architectural project to turn railway arches near London’s Waterloo mainline station into retail and restaurant space has been made possible thanks to the Pilkington Planar ™ frameless glass system.

The leaning glazed frontage makes sure that maximum light enters the building and because of the tough, flexible glass, the Wootton Street arches can withstand vibrations from the constant clatter of trains running above.

The refurbished arches, positioned under the main busy Waterloo railway line, have had special vibrations pads installed alongside the glass to make sure only the trains rattle, not the building.

The £8.5million project was spearheaded by architects Lewis & Hickey and was developed in consultation with local residents and English Heritage.

Lewis & Hickey asked installers, Melayway Glass Assemblies, to use Pilkington Planar ™ and Stephen Field from Melayway commented: “Because railway arches create dark shadowy, environments, the architects wanted to create free open space, and maximum daylight, which is vital for retail outlets and office developments. Building owners Spacia needed to ensure occupants would not be disturbed by the noise of passing trains or feel the vibrations that they would generate. Pilkington Planar ™ was the ideal solution as it reduced vibrations, provided excellent aesthetics and provided a neat and practical answer to quite a tricky problem.”

Steven Cooper, of Lewis & Hickey, said “The deep viaducts encouraged us to use glazing on each elevation, the front elevation faces south so the combination of tilting the glass forward, and solar shades help reduce the solar gain and glare.”

Pilkington Planar ™ comprises glass, fittings and support structure and is always sold as a complete solution. It provides a flush glass surface using countersunk holes and stainless steel fittings to fix back the glass façade to the structure instead of conventional framing systems. The result is a fully engineered system with the minimum visual clarity.

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