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Sidey supplies Timberweld ® to Scotland

A VEKA Halo System 10 window (in Monument Oak) featuring Timberweld in the new Sidey showroom

Established in 1932, Sidey is one of the UK’s largest and most experienced fenestration specialists. As a market leader in manufacturing, supplying and installing high-quality products, Sidey has now improved its offering using Timberweld technology. Timberweld is a patented method of jointing PVC-U which creates perfect corners with a butt-joint on the outside and inside of a window. As the only licenced manufacturer in Scotland, Sidey is helping customer homes stand out from the crowd.

“We work hard as a business to continually develop our offering and provide customers with the best products,” comments Steve Hardy, Joint Managing Director of Sidey. “Customers are willing to pay more for premium products, such as the growing trend for grey profiles and flush sash windows, but they want premium quality in return. Timberweld allows us to achieve the sleek, modern appearance customers expect - all in a timely and cost effective way.

“The launch of the product in our showroom in Perth will allow us to fully demonstrate the benefits of Timberweld,” he continues. “Customers love the traditional timber look, which Timberweld achieves with the vertical line on both sides of the window.”

Alan Burgess, one of the innovators behind Timberweld, adds: “We’re very proud to have Sidey as a Timberweld licence holder, as they have a great reputation in the industry. With Sidey the only licensee in Scotland they are in the unique position of providing PVC-U windows and doors with a strong, authentic butt-joint for the whole country!”

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Duchy Investments Ltd(Timberweld)

Timberweld® is a patented method of welding PVC-U frames which creates an authentic timber butt-joint effect – on both sides of the window, inside and out. Alan Burgess (who designed the UK’s first dedicated PVC-U box sash in 1984 and is credited with creating the PVC-U sliding sash market) and Masterframe Technical Director Ray Rabett, are the innovators behind the Timberweld technology.

Simple mechanical or butt joints tend to be open-ended, allowing rainwater, draughts and even flies in. Timberweld uses a different method of corner construction, so the edges are completely sealed, yet the resultant timber-look butt-jointed weld, is easily the most authentic on the market.

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