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Pilkington provides clarity for Pilkington K Glass and new building regulations

The support materials include traditional literature, CD Roms and online presentations. They are a timely reminder of how the glass continues to be the most effective way to comply with Part L and WERs.

Pilkington has created a new suite of information on the UK’s leading low-E product, Pilkington K Glass. With recent developments to Building Regulations and Window Energy Ratings (WERs), the support materials are a timely reminder of how the glass continues to be the most effective and easiest way to comply with the new regulations and also satisfy customer requirements.

A comprehensive range of materials, from traditional literature through to a CD-ROM and interactive online guides, have been produced to help improve clarity of Pilkington K Glass in light of the new regulations and the introduction of WERs. With the industry moving fast to adopt WERs, the new materials provide a valuable guide through the potential minefield of changing legislation.

The company has produced bulletins for the changes this year to Building Regulations in England & Wales (Part L), Northern Ireland (Part F) and Eire (Part L). They provide insight into the new regulations, give an overview of WERs, detail the routes to compliance and offer advice and guidance on how to initially obtain a rating and then to improve it. Similarly, a handy leaflet has been produced that summarises the changes. This also contains endorsement of Pilkington K Glass from the UK’s 12 leading profile manufacturers. Each profile company provides their backing to Pilkington K Glass as a means of helping achieve the most competitive WERs.

The information contained in the bulletins and the leaflet is reflected in the more interactive communication tools produced by the company. A detailed CD ROM with a Part L/Part F presentation is a valuable guide to the new regulations, whereas dedicated pages on the Pilkington website are a quick click to information on the pivotal role Pilkington K Glass has to play in light of improvement to the standards. These can be found at www.pilkington.co.uk/WERS and www.pilkington.co.uk/buildingregulations

The set of materials is completed with the creation of a new Pilkington K Glass datasheet and four new sales support sheets. Again, they will help with customer understanding of Part L and WERs. They also provide technical information and useful advice on the relative benefits of Pilkington K Glass™ over other Low E products.

The core message at the heart of all the materials is that double-glazing containing Pilkington K Glass will continue to satisfy both customer and regulatory requirements for the foreseeable future.

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