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PatioMaster casts its Net(work) even wider

The PatioMaster national network of specialist manufacturer distributors has grown. Two new members have been taken on board to supply fabricators with high quality inline sliding patio doors, thus saving them the trouble and cost of making them themselves.

PatioMaster Anglia South, based at Chelmsford in Essex, supplies South East of the Anglia region. Directors Peter Rowlands, Steve Baker and David Green are pleased with the company’s progress, reporting a growing customer base in the area.

“Our customers can expect a high quality product, packaged carefully and distributed in our own vehicles wherever and whenever required,” explains Peter Rowlands.

“The PatioMaster division of our business is operated by a dedicated team under the watchful eye of Operations Manager, Martin Devlin, and in this way we can be sure of delivering the highest quality product backed by excellent service, with a quick turnaround time.”

The Managing Director of PatioMaster Anglia North, Stuart Blunden, is happy to report a high demand for patio doors in East Anglia. The factory in Woodbridge, Suffolk, is being expanded to cope with increasing business.

“The PatioMaster name is a real advantage,” he explains. “It is synonymous with quality at a competitive price and we anticipate a rosy future for the business, hence the need to increase the size of the factory.”

The PatioMaster network offers a fast and efficient local service to fabricators so they can concentrate on other areas of their business. It is easier and cheaper for them to buy in readymade doors manufactured by patio door experts, rather than tie up resources in extra stock, machinery and training for this specialist product.

Members of the network have the advantage of a dedicated support team that offers a maintained database and direct mailing service. And PatioMaster operates a programme of continual investment in product development to ensure fabricators always have a state-of-the-art product to offer customers.

This year has seen the introduction of a new low threshold, an impressive new six-hook lock with shootbolts and a new range of handles.

To find your nearest PatioMaster manufacturer distributor or for more information on the network, please contact PatioMaster

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