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Cervoglass – makes its mark on BS EN1279

As energy ratings continue to be one of the current major subjects for discussion within the window sector, Senior Management at Cervoglass consider it should be made clear that just as much importance should be placed on the conservatory roof glass industry.

Graham Price, Managing Director at Cervoglass considers this a vitally important aspect for installers and home owners to think about. Here he highlights some of the key considerations.

“Whilst other conservatory roof options are available it is evident from the increased sales at Cervoglass that more consumers are demanding the higher performance glass roofing option. As conservatories and sun rooms become increasingly popular choices for home owners, ranked as highly as deciding to move home or buy a new car, it is imperative that performance of argon filled, easy clean and self cleaning glass roofs must also attain the stringent new legislative standards. They are a vitally important component in maintaining thermal values and glare deflection if conservatories are being considered as a room for all seasons, which is why it is imperative for glass roof manufacturers to accommodate the legal requirements.

If a conservatory is wanted for all year use then there are important demographics to consider as polycarbonate alternatives in either 16mm or 25 mm options will generally only provide a room that can be used for two to three seasons at best, particularly if they are north facing. For any installer or home owner these are essential aspects to take into account.

Conservatories have become a major business sector over the last ten years or so and at Cervoglass we consider it imperative for the market to have more viable roofing options that will perform efficiently in order to provide the home owner with the additional space they require and that they can use.

As well as energy ratings for the glass unit there are insulation considerations that should be reflected upon if the conservatory is to be used all year round as an extension to the home. Whilst building regulations do not apply to a conservatory that covers less than 30 square metres, a ‘standard’ installation will not provide the insulation needed for all year usage without high performance products such as Cervo Activ glass units being incorporated into the conservatory roof.

Cervo Activ Blue is quickly and easily manufactured into sealed units and this superior quality roof glass can be combined with other glass to provide additional performance characteristics, with the self-cleaning and solar control properties.”

In relation to the stringent new regulations, Cervoglass achieved the requirements to comply with the new industry regulations BS EN1279 nearly two years ago. Extensive research and development with suppliers and customers is a priority for the Cervoglass team to ensure that only the best products are manufactured.

Cervoglass is already in a position to provide customers with total assurances regarding the certification of their roof glass products. All the products within the Cervoglass range have been assessed to achieve the performance requirements defined in BS EN1279 parts 2 and 3 which were attained in November 2004 and January 2005 respectively.

Additionally the company was granted the right and the Licence to Kitemark all its products in May 2005. Senior management at Cervoglass considered it vitally important to comply with the regulatory controls in order to provide only the best in terms of quality and product performance to customers.

Graham Price, comments further, “We wanted to ensure that we maintain only the best standards possible in terms of consistently high quality levels in our production of the glass roof units. Our Cervo Activ Blue and Cervo Sol Plus ranges are made to the highest specification enabling us to maintain our statement of leading the market.”

Over the last 4 years Cervoglass has established a leading market position through product development and innovation. Management at the company were aware that development work on BS EN 1279 had been under way for a number of years and wanted to ensure that all performance levels and requirements could be offered as a peace of mind warranty.

Graham Price continues, “Statistically it is estimated that as many as 3000 companies manufacture IGUs and many of them are likely to produce units with gas filling. However, only a very small number have so far sought to achieve the stringent approval under the BS EN1279-3 test procedure, which is a vital production element.”

Management at Cervoglass consider that the conservatory roof glass market has a huge potential but that the introduction of BS EN1279 will have a considerable impact on glass roof manufacturers particularly if they fail to recognise its relevance to the market.

Graham Price comments, “We understand the importance of this legislation and knew that measures had to be taken as failure to comply will have far-reaching and possibly devastating consequences.”

Cervoglass products combine technical superiority with aesthetics that are unmatched in the industry. The Cervo Activ Blue self cleaning glass range has a unique coating that reacts with sunlight which helps to break down organic particles on the surface of the glass. When wet this coating attracts water making it spread like a thin film across the glass. This then dries without any unsightly droplet marks being left on the glass pane.

Cervo Sol Plus solar control low E units provide 75% heat reflection and 37% light transmission with U-values as low as 1.1. These statistics combined with the reliability of the product range have been substantiated by a dramatic increase in the demand for Cervoglass products.

In addition to the performance assurances that can now be given Cervoglass has the additional guarantee of satisfying customer requirements because of speed and efficiency at the in-house production facilities.

Manufacturing and support services have been streamlined to include two advanced glass processing lines as well as an in-house transportation fleet which ensures all aspects of production and nationwide delivery can be guaranteed.

Graham Price concludes, “There is no other company that can match the superior standards we offer. Today, if companies are to succeed they must re-evaluate their production methods and adjust them accordingly. Now that we can support our products and services with the required accreditations we consider that this places us ahead of the market in the conservatory glass roof industry. The team at Cervoglass is in complete control from order processing, through to production and final delivery which completely reassures our customers.”

For more information on the products available in the Cervoglass range please call 0151 522 6604 or contact us at www.cervoglass.co.uk .

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