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The Council for Aluminium in Building Backs Glassex 2007

As part of its ongoing commitment to improve the exhibition and broaden the appeal of Glassex, the organisers are working in partnership with the Council for Aluminium in Building (CAB) to highlight the importance of aluminium to the industry and the opportunities it affords fabricators.

Many fabricators and installers are now diversifying their businesses into more profitable markets and expanding their product range in an attempt to accommodate change. Whilst aluminium had all but disappeared from the domestic replacement market, it still remained the clear choice for the majority of retail, office, hotel and other commercial applications, both new build and refurbishment. The recent resurgence of interest in aluminium fenestration products was the trigger for Glassex ‘07 to collaborate with the CAB to underline the growing opportunities in this market area.

“With more and more fabrication and installation companies realizing the opportunities aluminium offers as a framing material, particularly in the commercial glazing sector, Glassex is the perfect place for those companies already enjoying its many benefits to showcase their achievements, or those

looking to move into aluminium to get guidance and advice first hand from industry professionals,” comments Justin Ratcliffe the Chief Executive of the CAB. “We are delighted to be supporting Glassex to further extend its appeal, educating and informing users, specifiers and visitors all round about the features and technical excellence aluminium as a sustainable building material offers.”

Commenting on the partnership with the CAB, Glassex Sales Director, Dave Broxton, said: “We are delighted that the CAB has agreed to support Glassex 2007 and put its weight behind the member companies who are exhibiting. Their involvement is an important milestone and will undoubtedly help us to increase the number of aluminium-related visitors, and deliver a bigger, more representative show for the fenestration industry.”

As part of its partnership agreement, the CAB will be exhibiting at Glassex. For more information go to: www.glassex.com .

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