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SFS Intec launches new range of balustrade fixings

New balustrade fixings for glass from SFS intec used in the creation of an escalator.

Complementing its established range of fixings for architectural glass and glass canopies, SFS intec has launched a new range of precision engineered fixings for banisters and balustrades.

Developed to help create banisters and balustrades simply and cost effectively, the fixings are designed as brackets which require no welding on-site thanks to rivet nuts and corresponding bolts to fasten the assembly. The standard range includes single and double arm brackets designed for mounting on square or round hollow sections.

European manufactured from stainless steel to deliver a stylish look which combines perfectly with contemporary glass designs, SFS intec fixings are reliable and secure in the long term. Used in conjunction with SFS intec’s single point fixings, the new range can achieve strength and performance standards in excess of the minimum legislative requirements with each fixing point capable of withstanding a load of around 2.8kN.

The addition of fixings for banisters and balustrades makes the SFS intec glass fixings range one of the most comprehensive available. From raised point, bevel point and flush point fixings, to a variety of spiders and an easy-to-use canopy fixing system, SFS intec provides a solution for glass which is structurally reliable in the long term and a stylish feature that can enhance the overall look of the glass element.

SFS intec’s glass and canopy fixings range has been developed to enable architects and designers to meet the growing demand for using glass in all types of exterior and interior applications. This includes external façades, glass entrance vestibules, internal partitions, stairways and glass canopies.

All the new banister and balustrade fixing products are detailed in a new brochure, which is part of a series of four brochures from SFS intec covering fixings for glass. To obtain a copy, contact SFS intec on 0113 208 5500 or download from www.sfsintec.biz/uk.

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