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Edgetech takes to the global stage at Shanghai and Tampere Glass Processing Days

It’s no surprise that long term and sustainable energy efficiency is top of the agenda at the 2007 Glass Processing Days, the biannual conference held for the global glass industry to focus on advancements in the field, held in China on 14th and 15th May and Finland on 15th to 18th June. As architects and specifiers become increasingly aware of the part warm edge technology plays in energy efficiency, they want assurance that their suppliers are manufacturing products that will retain their energy efficiency long-term. This will be the focus of Edgetech’s Vice President of International Business Development Gerhard Reichert’s presentation: “Improving Long-term Energy Performance of Insulating Glass in Buildings”. Gerhard will discuss methods and trends for improving quality and energy efficiency of insulating glass units through automation – specifically focusing on just-in-time online automation of the butyl extrusion process.

“The quality of an insulating glass unit is a key factor in determining the life expectancy of a unit,” comments Gerhard. “It is well known that workmanship is one of the key considerations affecting quality and long-term durability of an insulating glass unit and that automation helps raise quality through consistency, and reduction of the human factor. I will be exploring two new trends in improving the consistency and quality of the primary butyl seal in detail. All new robotic gunning is being introduced to the market, along with online butyl extrusion automation, to offer new standards in quality for insulating glass design and production. These new technological achievements in processing energy saving glass products translate into longer lasting, high performance IG units for improved energy management and environmental safety in buildings.”

Also presenting at GPD Finland is Edgetech’s Technical Director Tracy Rogers who will focus on Protecting Exterior Fenestration and Glazing Surfaces with Applied Coatings. Tracy comments: “Residential and commercial new construction is a messy business, but there is hope through applied coatings. In his presentation, Tracy will discuss the construction debris problem, methods for reducing damage to the fenestration/glazing system and a case study on the subject. Tracy comments: “The construction process results in a variety of materials being inadvertently splashed, spattered and sprayed on the system. Once construction is complete, all debris must be removed through a once arduous process, requiring harsh chemicals, brushes and razor scrapers. Today, we have found that the key to easy dirt and debris removal is protecting surfaces from the beginning with a pre-applied film barrier or coating. Bringing the true scope of this growing problem to light will enable the industry to better plan for and prevent costly damage.”

For further information, visit www.gpd.fi or www.edgetechig.com

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In 2014, Edgetech's 25th anniversary year, it added more products to its portfolio. Changing Edgetech from a single component manufacturer to a comprehensive component supplier for warm edge windows. For IGU manufacturers the award winning Super Spacer Alpha, the best performing spacer in the world, a rigid warm edge spacer TruPlas, high performance desiccant TruSieve, and a simulated divided lite system SDL. Edgetech has also brought new opportunities for installation companies with glass protection system TruShield and expanding foam installation edge tape TruFit..

Visit www.superspacer.com to learn more about the company’s products, services and global initiatives. Edgetech is part of Quanex Building Products Corporation (NYSE: NX) an industry-leading manufacturer of engineered components, products and systems serving North America and International window and door OEMs.

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