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Cervoglass excellence demonstrated in unique installation

The high calibre standards that are characteristic of all Cervoglass brand products has been clearly demonstrated in a unique new installation in Cheshire.

Cervo Activ Blue and Cervo Solar Clear were specified in a conservatory project worth in excess of £25,000. Mr and Mrs Hutchinson have an Edwardian home and wished to maintain an outer appearance that matched the style of their house. Additionally, they wanted the conservatory to provide additional space in their home for year round use.

Having read about the benefits attributed to the Cervoglass range Peter Hutchinson stipulated that they be included in the installation. The most relevant aspects relating to this decision were the thermal performance and self-cleaning elements that are key features of Pilkington Activ Blue glass.

Providing 75% heat reflection and 37% light transmission the Cervoglass range offers high performance with U-values as low as 1.2.

The innovative Cervo Activ Blue conservatory glass roofing and Cervo Solar Clear side frame glazing products have invigorated customers and consumers alike. This has inspired an extremely positive outlook with consumer expenditure and positive statistics in the housing market clearly demonstrating that these next generation glass products combine technical superiority with aesthetics that are unmatched in the industry.

Peter Hutchinson comments, “We are absolutely delighted with our new conservatory as it has greatly enhanced the appearance of our house. We now have a fabulous new room that adds a real touch of luxury to our home and we can enjoy using it every day.”

Graham Price, Commercial Director, Pilkington Aintree Ltd comments, “It is evident that the products we provide are at the forefront of this industry in terms of both design and reliability as they offer radical performance levels along with stunning aesthetics. This was a unique project that is truly beautiful and we are delighted that our products were recognised for their value.”

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