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Super Spacer ® TriSeal™ beats German Engineers in 20.79 m² jumbo panel test

Jumbo sheet held together with TriSeal beats German Engineer’s test

An outstanding on-site trial recently took place at Schollglas in Dresden, Germany. Super Spacer® TriSeal™ was applied to 2 float glass panels, each with an area of 20.79 m² and a thickness of 6mm. Held simply by TriSeal alone the panels were immediately lifted and held in a vertical position from one side by a vacuum lifter. The 6.30x3.30 meter, 311.85kg jumbo panel withstood the test and didn’t give by even a single millimetre.

Even immediately after processing, the Super Spacer® TriSeal™ held the entire weight of the glass panel without the need for further sealing. After 15 minutes, the engineers at Schollglas were suitably amazed and the test was brought to an end.

“We were a little sceptical because the Edgetech Super Spacer TriSeal is so easy to process and requires no curing,” says Hans Weinfurtner, Mechanical Engineering Technician in the development department at Schollglas Group. “At first glance, it looks too simple to be able to work in practice, but when the float glass panel, weighing over 300 kg, was still hanging from the vacuum lifter after quarter of an hour without having slipped by even a millimetre, that convinced us completely; we were simply amazed!”

Torsten Keemss, Managing Director of Edgetech Europe, says: “We were absolutely certain that Super Spacer® and Super Spacer® TriSeal™ would withstand the loading conditions, but the magnitude of the trial at Schollglas exceeded all of our expectations.”

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