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Pilkington straight to WER point

It has been a busy year for the window industry thanks partly to the evolvement of Window Energy Ratings (WERs) - the British Fenestration Rating Council's (BFRC) chosen metric rating for window energy performance. Pilkington has released a third bulletin, Window Energy Ratings 3, to explain the benefits of the scheme, how to get a rating, factors affecting a window rating and the implications of WERs on glass specification.

The WERs wagon has picked up speed over the last year following the inclusion of WERs in Part L of Building Regulations in England and Wales, Part F in Northern Ireland and Part J in Scotland. The number of rated windows has increased dramatically, with 350 currently rated, of which more than 45 have achieved the top A grade.

As well as giving a full background of WERs and the important factors that affect a window's rating, the bulletin also suggests some of the technologies that can help a window achieve a higher rating and the best Pilkington products to use to help achieve this, including Pilkington K Glass™.

This third bulletin covers all developments over the last 12 months since they were launched, how they have been formulated and what they mean to the glass industry as a whole.

For the first time they offer the fenestration industry a means of justifying the use of their best-performing, highest value products to the consumer, in terms that the consumer understands and recognises.

As the number one low E brand in UK and Ireland, Pilkington K Glass™ has been a key component in the majority of rated windows so far; exploiting its optimal combination of low E and solar gain properties.

Window Energy Ratings 3 will also prove invaluable in understanding the benefits of the new Pilkington energiKare™ IGU - which helps windows meet the eligibility requirements of the Energy Saving Trust's Energy Saving Recommended scheme.

A downloadable version of Window Energy Ratings 3 can be found at www.pilkington.co.uk/WERs alternatively it can be requested by email to pilkington@respond.uk.com or by phoning the Technical Helpline 01744 692000.

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