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Glazing industry out in force to help Edgetech celebrate launch of first WET UK manufacturing facility

Andy Jones UK MD, Company’s founder and Chairman of the Board, Dale Foland and Mike Hovan, Edgetech IG Inc's President

‘A resounding success,’ was the consensus among the 148 guests at Edgetech’s opening of the UK’s first dedicated Warm Edge Technology manufacturing plant. Customers and representatives from the EST, GGF, and BFRC, joined non-customer sealed unit manufacturers, glass companies, system companies, machinery firms, fabricators and installers last Thursday and Friday. There was an international flavour to the event with delegates from the US, Italy, Germany and Canada joining those from all corners of the UK and Ireland. Adding local endorsement for Edgetech’s launch in Coventry, a delegation including the Lord Mayor also came along to join celebrations.

Formalities began with the cutting of the ribbon at the world class manufacturing facility by Edgetech IG Inc's President, Mike Hovan, the company’s founder and Chairman of the Board, Dale Foland, and UK MD, Andy Jones. Delegates then divided their time between three interactive zones: Production & Productivity - showcasing the Super Spacer® manufacturing process, the For.El automated Super Spacer IGU applicator and the Bassra SuperShop; Legendary Performance & Products - demonstrating hands on Super Spacer’s superior properties in thermal efficiency, gas retention, condensation and noise reduction; 360 marketing - launching a new business support initiative designed to bring the industry together to get the most out of Super Spacer and WERs. Afternoon forums focused on the bottom line: How Lean Manufacturing Equals Improved Profits, and A Profitable Approach to WER.

Commitment to helping customers grow their businesses

Andy Jones, Managing Director of Edgetech UK believes that the number of delegates taking time out from busy schedules is a testament to the number of businesses looking to grow through leaner manufacturing techniques and WERs, both integral parts of the day’s schedule. Andy comments: “Firstly, a huge thank you to all those who made it to the event, especially considering the motorway chaos and the closure of Birmingham airport. In celebrating the opening of this world class Super Spacer production facility, we wanted to do something different. That’s why we turned the traditional ceremonies we’re all used to into a customer driven event. After all, it’s because of customers that we have enjoyed growth of 300% over the last three years. This in turn has allowed us to make the investment into UK manufacturing. Edgetech’s commitment will continue in building ever closer relationships with our key business partners. The last couple of days have provided the perfect opportunity to show how much further we can go collectively with our production and performance initiatives, underpinned by the innovative 360 business support package.”

“The sooner Super Spacer becomes a household name, the better”

The Lord Mayor of Coventry Dave Batten was impressed too, commenting: “In my official capacity, I visit many businesses and invariably learn something new. Today however, I have really had my eyes opened. I replaced my windows last year, and not one of the installation firms mentioned ESR windows to me. If they had, I most certainly would have opted for them. Edgetech’s £2.5 million investment is a tremendous step forward in helping solve the challenge of climate change in the UK. The sooner Super Spacer becomes a household name the better for us and our environment.”

“In mature markets, the only way to grow is to take business from your competition”

Andy Ball, Marketing and Business Development Manager adds: “In a mature market the only way to grow is to take market share from your competitors – or they will take it from you. ESR windows have added new impetus to our market and getting in early with Super Spacer and selling more windows because of it is a sure way to achieve growth without raising costs. This was the focus of the whole day, and feedback indicated we certainly got this message across. The broad spread of companies interested in profiting from ESR windows was evident in the different types of firms attending, from those who are already gaining competitive advantage from this next generation of windows, to those who are about to commit. Even if you missed the launch event, make sure you don’t miss out on one of the biggest commercial opportunities our industry has probably ever seen.”

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In 2014, Edgetech's 25th anniversary year, it added more products to its portfolio. Changing Edgetech from a single component manufacturer to a comprehensive component supplier for warm edge windows. For IGU manufacturers the award winning Super Spacer Alpha, the best performing spacer in the world, a rigid warm edge spacer TruPlas, high performance desiccant TruSieve, and a simulated divided lite system SDL. Edgetech has also brought new opportunities for installation companies with glass protection system TruShield and expanding foam installation edge tape TruFit..

Visit www.superspacer.com to learn more about the company’s products, services and global initiatives. Edgetech is part of Quanex Building Products Corporation (NYSE: NX) an industry-leading manufacturer of engineered components, products and systems serving North America and International window and door OEMs.

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