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Environmental backlash against PVC.

Dear Ian

I agree with Calum Forsyth, the new president of the British Plastic Federation (BPF) that the industry needs to work together to answer the growing environmental backlash against PVC.

The industry is keen to talk about reducing VAT and Window Energy Ratings but seems to be less interested in what is potentially the biggest threat. Back in the 1980s, we fought hard for PVC and its benefits. However, we are now taking it for granted that people know the benefits of PVC. But they don’t, unless we tell them and keep on telling them. PVC is a great product. To paraphrase Forsyth, we must ensure that the public’s perception of plastic is part of the solution, not part of the problem.

On behalf of the PVC industry the BPF is countering the attack from timber with hard facts but we need active support from every level in the supply chain – systems companies, fabricators and installers. Companies who sell to the homeowner are the most important link in this campaign.

Spectus has produced its own environmental brochure which debunks the myths and presents the facts for fabricators and installers to use when selling in the home.

There us a lot of misinformation being put about concerning PVC and its effects on the environment by the timber industry and some environmental organisations. We must work together to counter it and the false perception that is being portrayed. Our future depends on it.

Yours sincerely

Sam Kennedy
Managing Director
Spectus Systems

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