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Pilkington wins legal case against HW Glass Limited, Wigan

Pilkington has taken successful High Court legal action against HW Glass Limited, Wigan for passing off non-Pilkington glass as Pilkington branded products. This resulted in Mr Justice Pumfrey ordering HW Glass to cease such passing off with immediate effect. The Judge also ordered HW Glass to pay Pilkington compensation for passing off and awarded Pilkington its costs of the legal action.

Pilkington took the action against HW Glass, the specific complaint being that when asked to supply well known Pilkington brands; Pilkington K Glass™, Pilkington Pyroshield™ and Pilkington Texture Glass Cotswold™, HW Glass had in fact supplied product from a different manufacturer without making this clear at the time.

David Stoker, Commercial Director for Pilkington commented: "This case highlights the importance of supplying customers with what they ask for, or making it clear at the point of sale if something different is being supplied. The performance, quality and appearance of other manufacturer's glass can often be quite different from that of Pilkington glass. Pilkington takes the protection of all its products and brands very seriously. As HW Glass discovered, Pilkington will not hesitate to take action to ensure that glass customers and consumers are not in any way misled."

For clarification on passing off and how to ensure the glass products you buy or sell are not misrepresented, visit www.pilkington.co.uk/passingoff, email pilkington@respond.uk.com or phone 01744 692000.

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