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CAB Supports New Palmer Report

The Council for Aluminium in Building (CAB) is delighted to announce that they are supporting new research by Palmer Market Research into the aluminium commercial glazing markets in Great Britain. The Research which will include close liaison with an expanding CAB membership will be available in early 2008.

Palmer Market Research has been researching the glazing markets in Great Britain for over 25 years. Their previous report on the commercial glazing market was published in 2005 and since then the market has grown at a faster rate than predicted, but appears to be somewhat uneven. According to official government figures construction new orders for education buildings, which is the biggest sector for commercial glazing, barely grew at all in 2006 while the second biggest, commercial offices, shot up by 25%. New orders for PFI projects in health and education rocketed by two thirds but those that were publicly funded fell by more than 10%.

In the public sector the new prime minister and, effectively, a new government could easily change priorities, particularly if the budget deficit worsens. In the private sector, is optimism beginning to wane? Recent interest rate hikes and financial market turbulence have caused property values to slip. In spite of the current construction boom, what effect will these events have on future projects, a short lived blip or something more long lasting? And then there is the 2012 Olympic Effect. Does this all add up to a market where opportunities will be difficult to spot or one which will grow so fast that the industry will be hard pushed to cope?

There is now a growing demand for a research report specifically on the aluminium commercial glazing market. Research will focus on the 2007 market, but also forecast five years ahead to 2012.

The product markets that will be researched for the 2008 report are - windows, curtain walling, roof glazing, storefronts, entrance doors and storey height screens. There will be two reports available for purchase, a 'detailed report' in which each product market will be measured across nine building sectors with extra information on routes to market and a 'summary report' that will measure the product markets across three building sectors. Both will show forecasts through to 2012.

The core of the research is a rigourous interview programme with over 100 installers, fabricators and systems companies backed up with an extensive desk research programme which will identify and make use of relevant published statistics relating to the market. Palmer Research's own database stretching back more than 25 years will provide the all important trend information.

CAB Members will be entitled to an exclusive overview of the findings of the report at a February 2008 members’ meeting which is to take place in the North West of England. Commenting on the project CAB Chief Executive Justin Ratcliffe said, “Up to date market data is currently one of the hottest topics for CAB members and we are delighted to be working closely with such a high profile and well respected organisation as Palmer Market Research. Given the current resurgence in our sector the initial response to the Report has been phenomenal and the members’ feedback event is a guaranteed sell out.”

For more details about the Aluminium Commercial Glazing Report or to order a copy contact 020 8390 8131 or email: info@PalmerMarketResearch.co.uk . Further information about membership of CAB is available by contacting Julie Harley on 01453 828851 or by visiting the website at www.c-a-b.org.uk.

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