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RIBA Support for CAB

Justin Ratcliffe – Director of the CAB, Jodi Tyler – Head of CPD, RIBA and Rick Osman – Director, Highwire Design.

The Council for Aluminium in Building (CAB), a member of the RIBA Providers Network is pleased to announce its launch of a suite of RIBA approved CPD seminars all about the use of aluminium in building. The seven generic CPD’s cover aluminium from source through to outline design considerations and carry a double weighting of points for Architects.

To ensure best practice is observed, CAB has organised a series of half day CPD introduction and training sessions around the country. The sessions have been led by Joni Tyler, Head of CPD, RIBA with guidance on observing rules, preparation, presentation and marketing. In order to gain the full experience of the Seminars contents, Rick Osman – Director of Highwire Design, involved in compiling the CPD’s has explained the separate modules and how to combine them to suit the audience.

Whilst the CPD Seminars will be used extensively by architects and specifiers, they are also ideal for use in internal training schemes for any companies who are involved in the sector. In order to achieve consistency in presentation, a full set of speaker notes are included and also handouts covering the main topics of the seminar for attendees.

CPD presentations will be offered by many of CAB’s growing membership who have attended the best practise CPD training, ensuring presentations are both professionally offered and backed up with years of experience in aluminium in building.

Pictured at the inaugural training session at the Grimstock Country House Hotel, Birmingham, from left to right are: Justin Ratcliffe – Director of the CAB, Jodi Tyler – Head of CPD, RIBA and Rick Osman – Director, Highwire Design.

To book your CPD seminar either contact any CAB member or contact the CAB head office directly where you will be put in touch with a local CAB member.

For further information about membership of the CAB can be found on the CAB website at www.c-a-b.org.uk and the council’s monthly newsletter at www.aluminiuminarchitecture.com

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