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Pilkington helps give Lakeside pride

Pilkington Planar™ glazing has been chosen to help give a 1970s office block in Portsmouth a 21st Century face lift.

Situated on the office campus Lakeside North Harbour, 1000 Lakeside has 26,556m2 of office space spread over four floors. The Pilkington Planar™ frameless structural glazing system has been used to create a stunning new atrium, which spans the entire width and height of the building, enveloping its previous façade.

Constructed over three months, using a 50 tonne all terrain crane and scissor lifts, the atrium takes full advantage of the design flexibility offered by Pilkington Planar™ . The system allows the creation of complete glass envelopes for buildings, frameless façades on any plane. In this project Pilkington Planar™ helps make a bold architectural statement, giving the building a modern look whilst creating a new space for employees and visitors.

Pilkington Planar™ accredited installers Ide Contracting worked jointly with Pilkington Architectural to develop the specification of 1,113m² of Pilkington Planar™ , including some of the largest units available.

David Hall, Managing Director, Ide Contracting, said: “The architect wanted glass panels with the maximum span possible to minimize the number of support mullions needed. Pilkington Planar™ is the ideal solution, being able to span between mullions spaced at an impressive 4.5 metres apart. To control deflection under windload, each panel was held by eight 902 heavy duty fittings on Nexus castings, thus producing an elegant solution to the design problem.”

Mark Amey, Architect, SMC Charter Architects, designers of the atrium, said: “The building didn’t really have an entrance, so the atrium helps guide people in and distinguishes it from other blocks on the same complex. We wanted the atrium to have a slick contemporary look, which was made possible by using a support structure that isn’t visible from the outside. Pilkington Planar™ glazing allowed us to achieve a crisp, clean exterior that has given the building an attractive new image.”

Pilkington Planar™ Specification

Pilkington Planar™ double glazed units comprising of:
Pane 1: 12mm Pilkington Optifloat™ Clear (toughened)
Airspace: 16mm
Pane 2: 6mm Pilkington K Glass™ (toughened)

Entrance Roof
Pilkington Planar™ double glazed units comprising
Pane 1: 12mm Pilkington Optifloat™ Clear (toughened)
Airspace: 16mm
Pane 2: 13.5mm laminated Pilkington K Glass™

Single laminated Pilkington Planar™ comprising:
12mm Pilkington Optifloat™ Clear (toughened)
Interlayer: 1.5mm SentryGlas™ Plus
6mm Pilkington Optifloat™ Clear (toughened)

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