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Pilkington energiKare™ Hots Up

The energy-saving benefits of Pilkington energiKare™ have been illustrated in their clearest form yet, using advanced thermal imaging technology which literally shows how money and energy can go out of the window through inefficient glazing.

The thermal images illustrate the shocking amount of heat lost from single glazed windows compared to those fitted with Pilkington energiKare™, revealed by much higher temperatures on the external surface of the single glazed windows compared to the windows incorporating Pilkington energiKare™. The images can be found on a new promotional DVD and consumer leaflet, which is available free of charge to all Pilkington energiKare™ Partners.

Andy McDowell, National Business Development Manager UK, Pilkington, said: “The temperature ranges shown by these images is a real eye-opener. They offer emphatic proof that Pilkington energiKare™ keeps heat inside the home, and so reduces the amount householders need to spend on their ever-increasing fuel bills. The images are another resource in the sales support portfolio Partners can use to easily demonstrate to homeowners the financial benefits of Pilkington energiKare™.”

Windows incorporating Pilkington energiKare™ have excellent money and energy-saving credentials. Assuming a conservative 10 per cent annual rate of fuel cost inflation, an average three-bed semi-detached home upgrading from single-glazing to Pilkington energiKare™ would save approximately £170 per year, or around £10,000 over 20 years. Windows incorporating Pilkington energiKare™ have a Window Energy Rating of at least a C, which means they are eligible for the Energy Saving Trust’s Energy Saving Recommended Scheme.

Pilkington energiKare™ is made up of Pilkington K Glass™, the UK’s best selling low-e glass and ‘extra clear’ glass Pilkington Optiwhite™. It works in two ways; reducing the amount of net heat lost through windows by up to 90 per cent, and allowing more heat (energy) in from the sun.

For more information on Pilkington energiKare™ and how to become a Partner, visit www.pilkington.co.uk/energiKare

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