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‘Don’t let dirt spoil the view’ says Pilkington activ™ to 20,000 known conservatory buyers

20,000 homeowners seeking planning permission to install a conservatory or who are known to be actively considering one in the next 6 months are to receive a clever and informative mailer advising them of the benefits of installing Pilkington Activ™ in their new conservatories.

The recipients of the packs are being targeted through their planning applications and a consumer lifestyle research programme that has identified thousands of homeowners that are actively considering the installation of a conservatory. The Pilkington Activ™ information will therefore be sent to homeowners with a known and current interest in conservatories and who are prime prospects for choosing glass that promises to make a big impact on the enjoyment they will get from their conservatory.

The information is designed to appeal immediately to buyers by clearly understanding their interest, with the literature contained in a ‘window’ envelope that acts as a dirty pane of glass looking out on to a pretty garden. The message is emphatic: ‘Don’t let dirt spoil the view from your new conservatory’. The personalized letter inside advises homeowners of the tangible benefits that Pilkington Activ™ can bring to them in their new conservatory, by helping to keep it cleaner and cooler than ordinary glass. It communicates the key features and benefits of the Activ range and focuses on customer’s getting the most out of their conservatory through the creative idea of ‘enjoying a clearer view’.

Homeowners are also being encouraged to respond when their conservatory has been completed and installed with Pilkington Activ™, by completing a card and returning it to Pilkington. They will be entered into a monthly draw to win £100 of John Lewis vouchers, with the additional opportunity of having their home featured in the press when they include a photograph of the finished installation.

“This closely targeted mailing is another of the ways that we continue to stimulate sales of Pilkington Activ™ to benefit conservatory installers,” says Julia Berkin, Marketing Communications Manager for Pilkington Building Products UK. “Sales of Pilkington Activ™ are continuing to grow as a result of consumers becoming increasingly aware of the product through the continuing television promotion and support through the press. Offering Pilkington Activ™ is a proven sales closer."

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