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Popular Pilkington Pyrostop Broadens Appeal

Pilkington Building Products-UK says it has extended the boundaries of glass technology with the 23mm addition to its specialist fire-resistant glass range.

The company has developed 23mm Pilkington Pyrostop, an integrity and insulation glass, which has passed rigorous fire tests easily meeting the British standards, in all the most popular UK formats. A full suite of user-friendly fire tests substantiate the product.

With more and more regulations placed on building products to comply with tightening legislation and designs, the new thicker 23mm Pilkington Pyrostop allows for larger glass walls to be constructed whilst retaining its superior fire resistant performance.

The new product has been successfully tested for 60 minutes integrity and 60 minutes insulation in the following systems:- Multi-pane hardwood screen. Glass size 1510 x 2910mm. (RF03058)- Multi-pane steel screen with slimline mullions. Glass size 1500 x 2765mm (WARRES 127055)- Multi-pane mild steel screen. Glass size 1495 x 2895 mm (WFRC C129365)- IGU incorporating low emissivity coating on Pilkington Optilam and Pilkington T glass (WARRES 131563)

Pilkington Insulight incorporating 2 x 23mm Pilkington Pyrostop has also been successfully tested for 120 minutes integrity and insulation in the following format.- Multi-pane steel screen. Glass size 1415 x 2400 mm (WARRES 117011)

Further testing is in progress to demonstrate the superior performance of the Pilkington Pyrostop range. Excellent results for Pilkington Insulight incorporating Luxaclair blinds will shortly be announced. The 23mm Pilkington Pyrostop product replaces the 21mm Pilkington Pyrostop product. A full set of fire test summaries can be obtained by calling the Pilkington Helpline on 01744 692000.

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