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The best way to fill a colander is not to turn the taps on faster.....

One of the things we have found with lots of clients is that the focus on sales and operations leaves finance and credit control behind. selling and making/installing a product and then not getting paid is worse than not getting the order at all !

MBA has considerable sector specific experience and consultants with a credit control and management background, we've worked managing systems and collections in window companies and have years of experience in making sure that there is traceability and that what goes out gets invoiced (believe it or not this is not always the case, a fact that sometimes amazes clients!). We are also skilled at managing collections and working round all the .... "I can't pay your £2000 there is a screw missing from the handle" dodges. Hands on we managed and collected over £1million of due debt for one client in the new build sector (took us a while!)

With all that in mind we've started to offer a one day review and practical advice and help consultancy for clients to help them manage the credit risks in these most difficult of times. Aimed at the B2B environment and smaller companies that often struggle with systems and training this is carried out on the clients site and is a cost effective way of helping clients manage their risk.

In order to recover the lost profit on a £1,000 bad debt you'd have to sell £20,000 assuming you were making 5% profit. The best way to fill a colander is not to turn the taps on faster..... it's to plug the holes!


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