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Pilkington K Glass forms an elite band

With the widespread adoption of WERs a number of forward thinking companies have achieved a rating of C and in one case a B. Integral to the success of each has been the use of Pilkington K Glass‘.

With the widespread adoption of Window Energy Ratings, window companies are busy having their products assessed to ensure they achieve the minimum Rating that is required for replacement windows under the new Building Regulations Part L, which is a band E. However a number of innovative companies have gone even further and achieved a rating of C and in one case, a B. Integral to the success of each has been the use of Pilkington K Glass.

Three companies, Speed Frame, Masterframe and Mcllhattons, have succeeded in creating energy efficient windows with the ever popular and easy to handle Pilkington K Glass.

Speed Frame has achieved a band B by combining 4mm annealed glass, 16mm TPS spacer, argon gas fill and 4mm Pilkington K Glass along with a Speed Frame envirowindow thermally efficient frame. Paul Spencer, Marketing Manager, from Speed Frame comments: “WERs are the way forward and to achieve a B rating is tremendous. To provide homeowners with a B Rated window with a hard coat low E product such as Pilkington K Glass gives customers a distinct advantage and we are confident it will help them sell more windows.”

A C rating was awarded to Mcllhattons standard casement window consisting of KBE externally glazed three chambered window system, Pilkington K Glass, argon gas filled cavity and Edgetech’s Super Spacer. Andy Jones, Sales Director and General Manager of Edegetech UK and Ireland comments: “We believe Window Energy Ratings are the future of the industry so we’re pleased to see more companies take on the scheme to differentiate themselves.”

Masterframe was the first company in the UK to achieve a C Rating for its sash window by incorporating Thermix Warm edge spacer bars, argon gas filled units, Pilkington K Glass inner pane and low iron Pilkington Optiwhite outer pane. Ramon Rabett, Technical Manager at Masterframe, comments: “Homeowners are familiar with the system and the BFRC Ratings make great sales tools for installers. A C rated window provides consumers with instant recognition that the window is energy efficient and can therefore help to reduce fuel costs.”

Pilkington Optiwhite is particularly effective in helping windows to achieve higher Ratings because the BFRC system takes into account the benefit of useful solar gains and Pilkington Optiwhite can improve this without any detrimental effect to U value.

Window Energy Ratings (WERs), developed by the British Fenestration Rating Council (BFRC), take into account all the factors, which affect the energy performance of a window and enable the window company to use an energy label similar to that seen on white goods. This displays the product’s Rating on an A to G scale.

The success of these companies is testament to the enduring popularity of Pilkington K Glass. It is the most widely recognised consumer glass brand and it will continue to help windows fulfil the requirements of Part L for many years yet.

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