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Pilkington builds an eco future in Islington

Brand new energy-efficient glazing Pilkington energiKareTM Legacy debuts in a pioneering refurbishment of a London council property in Islington.

Brand new energy-efficient glazing Pilkington energiKareTM Legacy has featured in a pioneering refurbishment of a London council property in Islington. The refurbishment aims to cut household bills by 50 per cent and reduce carbon emissions by 70 per cent through the application of sustainable products and techniques.

This is one of the first housing refurbishments in the UK to use Pilkington energiKareTM Legacy, which was recently launched in the UK to provide an energy-efficient solution for older traditional properties, or where a slim line insulating glass unit is required to improve aesthetics. The property is a 150 year old, 600 sq ft ground floor flat, which is part of a Victorian conversion, which has been sympathetically refurbished to maintain its original character. Various new energy-efficient products and methods, such as Pilkington energiKareTM Legacy, innovative insulation and a ‘Value Carbon’ assessment have been applied to show that older properties can be brought up to standard with new sustainable regulations.

The ‘Value Carbon’ assessment is a method of eco-assessment developed by contractors United House that measures carbon saved against money spent. Pilkington energiKareTM Legacy was specified as the appropriate glazing option as it provides considerably improved thermal performance when replacing single glazing, and performs well under this assessment. Using two panes of glass separated by a gap of 0.2mm (compared to a 20mm gap in traditional double glazing), its total thickness of 6mm is enough to provide an aesthetically pleasing glazing solution and an effective carbon saving technique. This is combined with the properties of the original Pilkington energiKareTM product, which uses a process known as solar gain to allow heat from the sun in through the window and the use of a low emissivity glass as the inner pane in the insulating glass unit which reflects heat back into the room. This process helps to reduce the need for heating, therefore saving energy and money off fuel bills.

The process of energy saving used by Pilkington energiKareTM Legacy demonstrates how it is possible for all types of homes to make significant reductions in carbon emissions. Part of the Pilkington energiKareTM family range - a variety of energy-efficient glazing products that use the original Pilkington energiKareTM technology - it shows how advancing technologies can work to improve the sustainability of buildings.

The use of thermal imaging highlights the vast reduction in heat loss achieved by installing Pilkington energiKareTM Legacy in this home. You can clearly see the difference that Pilkington energiKareTM Legacy makes, with the ‘before’ image showing a much greater heat loss through the windows when compared to the rest of the structure, and the ‘after’ photo showing how Pilkington energiKareTM Legacy reduces the heat loss through the windows to similar levels as the rest of the structure.

Daniel Johncock, Intermediate Building Services Engineer, United House Group, said: “Windows are one part of a building that can have a huge impact on sustainability and energy loss. We specified Pilkington energiKareTM Legacy for this project as it is an unrivalled glazing product, which contributes to the building’s overall energy performance whilst blending seamlessly into the external design.”

Andy McDowell, National Business Development Manager, Pilkington, said: “We are delighted Pilkington energiKareTM Legacy has been included in such a forward-thinking project. The work that United House has done on this project really compliments Pilkington’s efforts to provide the most technologically advanced and sustainable products.”

Pilkington energiKareTM Legacy is part of the Pilkington energiKareTM family range of energy-efficient glazing. Launched in 2007, the original Pilkington energiKareTM product has become a market leader in the field of energy-efficient glazing.

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