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Pilkington makes it Mark

Pilkington is committed to supporting and enacting the various initiatives and directives required to ensure its products are CE Marked.

CE Marking became a reality on September 1st 2005. Glass used in buildings now has to conform to technical standards called harmonised European Norms (hENs) with the CE Marking label acting as a legal declaration that the product meets certain performance claims. The benefit is that it will allow easier comparison of products across European markets.

The hENs remove technical barriers to trade for construction products and a unique standard will exist for each of the major glass types/groups.

These standards will supersede any previous national standards and the first group of products applicable for CE Marking include basic soda lime silicate (e.g. float, wired, patterned, etc.), coated, toughened and heat-strengthened glass.

Pilkington, as a member of the Association of European Flat Glass Manufacturers (GEPVP), is committed to supporting and enacting the various initiatives and directives required to ensure its products are CE Marked.

Whilst a series of comprehensive series of tests has been undertaken to ensure its products comply with the respective hENs, Pilkington is also raising awareness of CE marking to ensure the implications for its customers are fully understood. As part of the key customer communication process, Pilkington will provide information which explains the requirements of CE marking in some detail. The new standards will provide an opportunity for all to prove the performance of their products on a European scale.

Pilkington has issued a letter outlining its support for CE Marking and to clarify its position. This will be accompanied by a basic Q&A leaflet, which answers the key questions on the subject. This will be sent to all customers to provide them with information on the standards and what the requirements will be for compliance. Product performance data will be accessible online and a dedicated email address has been created to enable customers to submit questions on European Standards and CE Marking: CE.Marking@pilkington.com.

GEPVP has produced guides to various aspects of CE Marking to assist the glass industry. Publications can be downloaded from the GEPVP website at www.gepvp.org.

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