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Deceuninck Journey to C

Edgetech and Deceuninck team up to help our industry meet the challenges of the revisions to Part L of the Building Regulations in England and Wales

Now that we’re in 2010, October 2010 seems perilously close. And if you aren’t aware of the significance of that date for our industry, you’re one of the people Edgetech are targeting with their Journey to C campaign. Due to this, systems supplier Deceuninck will be lending its full support.

October 2010 is the date when the revisions to Part L of the Building Regulations in England and Wales come into force: The proposal is that all replacement windows will require a BFRC Window Energy Rating of C or above in England and Wales (B or above in Scotland) and all installers of replacement windows will have to provide all of their windows with a BFRC Window Energy Rating.

These regulations will have a major effect on our industry, yet, as Edgetech discovered in the course of preparing for is new campaign, the industry seems under-prepared. Of the 15,000+ fabricators and installers in the UK, only 282 are registered with BFRC and there are only 1405 Window Energy Ratings in existence.

Alarmed by these findings, Edgetech, supported by Deceuninck and other major system suppliers, have launched the Journey to C campaign designed to support the industry in the run-up to October 2010. The centrepiece of the campaign is a series of regional information workshop days. Delegates at the workshops will leave with all the information and support they need to obtain Window Energy Ratings.

Deceuninck’s role in the campaign is a vital and valuable one and indicates how important it believes it is that the industry gets to grips with the revisions to Part L now.

The systems house will be supplying delegates at the workshops with practical and money-saving support. This support includes: BFRC Thermal Simulation Reports for windows glazed with Edgetech’s Super Spacer and Super Spacer Tri-Seal; Air Leakage Reports for all current window systems and permission letters for fabricators and installers to use in their WER submissions.

Edgetech’s campaign, supported by forward-thinking systems houses such as Deceuninck, will give our industry the support it needs to meet the challenges to come. It’s quite clear that companies that address the new regulations sooner rather than later will be the ones leading the way and thriving and surviving before and after October 2010.

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