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Green shoots, great results

The Kömmerling sales team of Dave Reay, John England and Kevin Warner.

The latter half of 2009 saw a number of new fabricators come on board for Kömmerling and the prospects for 2010 look even better as the PVCu window and door industry moves towards lead-free profile.

Fabricators such as Fit Strong, SA Trade Frames and Flair all came on board having searched for a premium supplier with significant green credentials. Going lead-free is the way to go and an important consumer message and there’s even a dedicated Kömmerling lead-free test kit, which both fabricators and installers can use.

Ask any consumer if they would like lead in their new energy rated windows and the answer would be a resounding no. Companies such as Banbury Windows and Doors, which have a 32 year history in the industry, value the lead-free consumer message as their 20% growth in 2009 has shown.

It’s also been a massive team effort as Kevin Warner of Kömmerling explains: “As a business we’ve experiencing an increasing number of enquiries for our products from consumers, installers and fabricators. There is a voluntary directive within Vinyl 2010 to take lead out of windows before 2015 so the clock is ticking for the industry and it’s not an easy changeover for the systems companies using lead stabilisers.”

He concludes: “Those fabricators and installers moving to lead-free first will be the ones to enhance and secure the future of their businesses and we can show you how. Now is the time to act.” For further information on Kömmerling’s lead-free window and door systems and your FREE test kit contact the sales office on 01543 444900

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Kömmerling is part of the Profine Group, which is Europe’s largest extruder of window and door systems under the Kömmerling, KBE and Trocal brand names and operates across 21 countries. The brand has an enviable reputation in the UK for product design, quality and customer service. Kömmerling has always been recognised at the premium end of the market and this reflects on the type of customer it supplies and their own professional approach to the market.

Kömmerling can also lay claim to be one of the most environmentally conscious brands in the UK supplying window and door systems using Greenline, a lead-free compound and supporting this with the Recyline recycling initiative.

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