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Uniglaze 2 rises in the east

Manufacturer of sealed units and toughened glass, Uniglaze 2 in East Anglia, is celebrating its 21st birthday having just moved into a state of the art £12m production facility.

The company has invested in new premises and equipment to fulfil trade requirements, including three fully automated computerised toughening plants together with five fully automated sealed unit lines. It has enabled Uniglaze 2 to streamline operations and provide them with the flexibility to service market needs.

Central to Uniglaze 2’s success has been the strong relationship the company enjoys with Pilkington Building Products – UK, emphasised by the fact that the new building has been glazed in Pilkington products, including 550 sealed units totalling 750m2 of Pilkington Arctic Blue™ and Pilkington Optitherm™ SN. The two combine perfectly to create a comfortable working environment and a dynamic appearance.

Pilkington Optitherm™ SN is a low emissivity glass, ideal for large-scale curtain walling applications and commercial projects. Pilkington Arctic Blue™ solar control glass has a unique cool blue colouration that reduces solar heat gain and creates a comfortable interior without sacrificing natural light.

Moving into the new building has already been an instant hit for Uniglaze 2. The distinctive blue hue of the building caught the eye of an engineer from Northants County Council and subsequent discussions has led to a new contract win from the local authority for a four-story school in Daventry, Northants.

Mick Hunton, manufacturing director, comments: “Our investment into new facilities will enable us to expand our product portfolio and it gives us even more production flexibility. It provides us with the platform to develop our business and to meet our objective of offering a fast, efficient and reliable service. The sharing of knowledge, expertise and ambition is crucial to this and we look forward to developing the excellent relationship we share with Pilkington Building Products – UK.”

Mervyn Raby and Pat Latimer established Uniglaze 2 with the intention of supplying sealed coated glass units to the trade, made primarily with Pilkington products. Starting with just four employees the company has flourished and is now the largest independent in the country, with a turnover of £28m, employing over 350 people. The new 13-acre site in Forest Way, Norwich, is home to seven production lines, two toughened plants, cutting tables and offices.

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Uniglaze 2

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