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Edgetech I.G. Exclusive Distributor for Sparklike’s Revolutionary Technologies

Edgetech I.G. has announced that it has entered into an agreement with Helsinki based Sparklike Ltd. to be the exclusive distributor for the Gasglass argon and krypton gas detector and Spyglass glass analyzer in the UK, continental Europe, America and Australia. Prior to the invention of the innovative Gasglass technology, manufacturers had to virtually destroy units to test gas fill levels. Sparklike’s device is the first to enable testing without compromising the integrity of the IG unit.

“The collaboration with Edgetech will support the mission and business idea of Sparklike perfectly as both companies aim to provide the glass and window industry with high technology tools and solutions helping them to produce energy efficient products”, says Erno Launo, the Managing Director of Sparklike Ltd.

“Our relationship with Sparklike is an exciting endeavour for Edgetech that brings this cutting-edge product to the global marketplace,” comments Andy Jones, Managing Director for Edgetech in UK and Europe. “The Gasglass technology for gas measure is the first non-invasive way of measuring the argon and krypton fill level of insulating glass units. It can be used to test both initial fill and the retention of insulating gases in a unit over time.”

Sparklike has been involved with the fenestration industry since its founding in 2000, launching three Gasglass products, Gasglass 1002 and Gasglass Handheld and Gasglass Handheld v2. The company’s latest innovation, Gasglass Handheld V2, allows a freedom of movement and total quality control for windows and doors in the factory or in the field. The new portable, user-friendly detector and sensor design allows for more accurate measurements at lower fill levels ranging up from 50 percent argon fill level with high precision.

“The new sensor allows the device to measure with greater accuracy and repeatability,” continues Andy. “And, because of its user-friendly design and non-invasive methods, the Gasglass detector will help prevent operator error and ensure improved quality in the manufacture of gas-filled IG.”

Through its relationship with Sparklike, Edgetech will also offer the new Spyglass technology, a laser-based glass pane analyzer that allows users to perform measurements to determine IG thickness, configuration of panes and identify Low-e coatings and laminations. For example, Spyglass is ideal for situations in which a broken window has to be replaced at short notice. Traditionally, it was difficult to immediately define what kind of glass was used in the original unit. With Spyglass, users can instantly measure the exact characteristics of the broken glass and immediately order the right type, saving time and achieving ultimate quality control over the replacement unit.

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