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Pilkington Activ™ Star of the Small Screen

The phenomenon that is Pilkington Activ™ self-cleaning glass has made a further television appearance, with The Gadget Show featuring this revolutionary product in a recent episode. Screened on October 31st 2005, the programme led with a demonstration of the self-cleaning capabilities of Pilkington Activ™, compared with ordinary glass, and proved that the product truly does what it claims.

To demonstrate to the viewing public the unique properties of Pilkington Activ™, an experiment was conducted in the studio under UV light that actually showed dirt falling as a sheet from the outer layer of the glass when quantities of water were poured over the glass. The coating breaks down and loosens dirt that has settled on the glass and also ensures that rainwater covers the surface evenly, preventing unsightly streaks. Proven to last the lifetime of the glazing itself, the coating will not rub or wear away.

Pilkington Activ™ continues to work even on cloudy days and at night, significantly reducing cleaning and maintenance costs for all home and commercial applications. The product is increasingly being specified as a low-cost, low-maintenance alternative to conventional glazing, with the Gadget Show the latest to recognise the value to the domestic market by making cleaning windows an old fashioned concept.

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